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Monday, December 29, 2008

Bom Ano Novo! Happy New Year!

I won’t write a lot... I’m going to Quarai...another smallish town with 4 branches. We’ll see how it goes...I’m excited.

My new companion will be Elder Rocha. One of Elder Abreau’s friends from back at home. We have the same amount of time in the mission. He’ll go home with me.
(Elder Abreau was Jed’s first companion in Sao Pedro)

It was really good to talk to you all...really good! I’ll send some pictures today.

Cleaning up after the flood
Christmas dinner!

Love you all...go google earth Quarai. It’s close to URUGUAY!!! I GET TO GO TO URUGUAY!

Talk to you all later!



Our call to Jed on Christmas was WONDERFUL! He told us that he would be transferred today so we were expecting it. He spent Christmas with the Branch President’s Family in Sao Pedro. He also spent his birthday last Sunday with them. The Branch Pres. Wife made him a birthday cake. They had a terrible rainstorm that flooded their apartment as you can see his companion cleaning up the floor. Jed said some of his books got wet but luckily they have dried out already. He sounded happy. He is getting a little tired of rice and beans. He loved Christmas Dinner. It was great that we were all here and could put him on speaker phone to talk. We miss him but know he is where he should be and where he wants to be.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Hey family! Yesterday we had Mission Conference so that’s why I’m writing today

I’m dead some pretty inconvenient places (not what you think) the feet, the back of the legs and the back of my neck. It makes being a missionary really hard.

I hate the heat. It kills me every day. It’s not Christmas...snow is needed to have Christmas.

How was your Mission Christmas gathering? IT WAS AWESOME. Tiring but fun... the stockings were good too...full of candy...had socks in it too...weird.

But like I said I’m dead. Transfers are coming up this next week. We’ll see.
So talk to you all Thursday.

Oh about my birthday. It was good. It didn’t feel like a birthday but whatever. I guess that’s growing up. We had a Christmas fireside in Santa was good.

I love you all...Elder Jed Breinholt

Sunday the 21st was Jed's Birthday. We made a cake, had the Elders in our Ward over and celebrated! My Christmas baby just turned 20! It has been interesting week so far for me and a little emotional having his Birthday and Christmas all in one week and him gone. I'm still awaiting the details of our Christmas call. On Mothers day he called me to give me the information of when and where to call him so who knows I may hear from him today!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Mission Conference Today = P-day Tomorrow

Thanks to Elder Lee's Mom Lynn I now know why we had no e-mail today. Look for one tomorrow! Thanks for the e-mail Lynn!

Monday, December 15, 2008

38 degrees Celsius (100 F)

It totally was really hot this week...REALLY REALLY HOT!

But it was a good week. Really it was.

Transfers are coming up on the 30th. I’ve kinda been thinking about those. Don’t think I’ll stay in Sao Pedro by the stuff President Myrrha told me. I really don’t know...we’ll see. I know I need to forget them and get to work.

Today we are going to see the big rock...or Pedra Grande. It’s a rock with Indian paintings on it about 20km outside of Sao Pedro. We’re going with our Branch President. I’m super excited! I’ll send you pictures next’ll be awesome! guys as a family are doing great! I get e-mail every single week...this is good...don’t worry about it. When people send me letters it’s hard for me to write back to them. I do it it’s just hard...I don’t know why.

Got my backpack Tuesday.

So it really is true...without Christmas there would be no Easter. Christmas is important...really important...if we stay with the focus and not with the papai noel!(that’s Santa Claus in Portuguese)

So it turns out I think I’ll be talking to you guys at Presidente Ngelos house...(branch president) I’ll get the details and you’ll know.

Wow this year has shot in two months I’ll have one year in the in one week I’ll be 20...WHY DOES TIME SHOOT BY SO FAST!?

But the work is coming good...thank you all for your prayers and love.

I love you all


Elder Jed Breinholt

We are just the opposite here in Wyoming. Right now it is -21. We are breaking all kinds of records. At least the wind has died down we had a -45 wind chill Saturday night. Bundle up stay inside and make hot chocolate! The kids even have a 2 hour delay for school this morning because of the cold.

**Update** School is CLOSED because it is so cold. Anyone up for a visit? See you soon Elisabeth and Bobby!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Very good week everybody!

Pikes Place Fish Market

This week was Zone was really good!

We talked about Pikes Place Fish Market and how they do something different and how they’re world famous because of it and what we can do with the Book of Mormon to make people want to read it more. It was a really good conference.

Christmas is coming! Here’s some calling instructions...only 40 minutes this time(ask the missionaries to show you the missionary handbook)…so that’s why. You’ll call me, I don’t know where yet. We need to find a member that will let us use their phone. I’ll e-mail you in the future about this.

This week I made a line graph of my numbers for the week. I highly recommend it to missionaries. It shows you a lot of stuff that you can do better. Do just your key indicators and total lessons including less-actives.

I’m doing great. I Can Totally Focus Now without problem.

The package was question though...Why Catapult guns?
(He’ll know when he and his companion open up the Christmas stockings I sent and there are little Ninjas and Pirates that they can catapult 15-20 feet! Just some good missionary fun! The guns were too hard to wrap.)

That would be great about the testimonies.
(Elder Oliveria is going to translate our testimony into Portuguese and I'm going to print them ready to be glued into Books of Mormon or is it Book of Mormons! ha ha)

This part is for Elder Oliveira....Tudo Bom? Cara...Como est a trabalho l? indo bem? Cara tenho um Monte de Referencias eu posso dar...mas acho que j dei...fala com minha irm quando ela chega em casa...Abi...sobre indo para falar com algums de meus amigos...SERIA BOM DE MAIS! S Vai! cara se tem alguma coisa eu posso fazer ajudar vocs...Ideas, Qual quer coisa...s fala com minha me...Tchau meu irmo no senhor.
(Elder Oliveria is serving in our ward right now he is from Boston but was born in Brazil and moved to the US when he was 11 or 12.)

I know its short but we still gotta do lots of stuff today. But I will talk to you all later...and send pictures...too!

Elder Jed Breinholt

Monday, December 1, 2008

It's too hot!

Hey Family!

How are you all? This week has been extremely stressful for me. But it has been good. It’s extremely hot and humid here now! It kinda makes me mad! But its good. I’ll answer the questions and then continue a little bit.

How's Training going? It’s good. I have the most responsibility of my mission but it’s good. Work hard...lose myself and my the work.

New Companion adjusting well? Yeah...really tired a lot...that’s normal for the first few weeks.

Anyway...Christmas is my package for Christmas/Birthday...SWEET! Don’t worry I won’t open it...

How’s the missionary work going in Gillette?

I have an idea for the fam...every one carry a few pass-along-cards of Joy to the World with them and give them to people saying Merry Christmas! Just explain that the card has this 1-800 number that they can call and get a free dvd with Christmas music in it.

I can’t wait to talk to you all.

I need to find something to eat...I’m starving!

That’s all for today...



Monday, November 24, 2008


My new companions name is: Elder Ferreira from Panabucu in the north of the country. Today is his first p-day...poor Elder he is really lost! But he is a good guy. Training is probably the most fun and the hardest thing I’ve done on my mission to date! These Elders from the CTM are so filled with fire...excitement to I have harnessed that power to work a lot! It’s awesome!
Abi wrote me today and told me that Jeff is going to Virginia...YAY!...what awesome news!
Eating pancakes with Elder Santana

About the pancakes…I made them from a recipe I had. I did a little modifying because we had a lot of bananas so we made banana pancakes they turned out good!

About American companionships…it is rare...but does happen. Usually happens with older more experienced missionaries because it is important to learn the language with someone that can translate for you!

And now the bad package hasn’t arrived yet...were hoping today. But when it’s here Elder Wageman will shoot an e-mail to you. It’ll come...just wait!

YAY CALLING FAMILY! I’m going to warn you right now that I may slip into Portuguese while talking. It’s hard for me to talk English right...YAY FLUENCY!

I don’t have a ton of time today because I still have to write Pres.

But my message to Grandma is as follows:

Hey Grandma...just a quick note to say Happy Thanksgiving!
These days I have been remembering holidays at your house with beets, relish trays, and put-back-ins. It was always great...Holidays at Grandmas! I remember when I was young all of you people that ate beets seemed so weird to me, here in Brazil they eat a lot of beets. But not pickled. They eat them like grated carrots. I like beets now. Funny how our tastes change isn’t it? Anyway I am just wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving and telling you that I miss you a lot and that I love my mission!

Love you all! E-mail next week with pictures!

Elder Jed Breinholt

This is the e-mail I just got from Elder Wageman in the office:

Sister Breinholt,
Ok, so today we went to the post office with Elder Breinholt (right after I wrote you) and his package arrived both of them! The one for him that had his shoes in it and the one for Christmas.
Congrats. He was way excited. and he wanted me to tell you that he loved you. and I love you too!

I am so glad!! I just sent his Birthday/Christmas package on Friday. The Christmas package mentioned above is one I sent full of candy for the mission to combine with other candy from the families in the states to use for a christmas stockings for all the missionaries in the mission.

Monday, November 17, 2008

I am so sorry everyone...

Last week was crazy! There seriously was no time to do anything. We were in Santa Maria and weren’t close to an internet place.

Today was transfers. I will be getting a new companion here in Sao Pedro. I can’t tell you his name because Pres. Myhrra doesn’t even know who it will be yet. Tomorrow the new missionaries will arrive and Wednesday morning I will short...I will be training a new missionary.

I have paused lately to reflect on how fast the mission is going by! 8 months! I was looking at my pictures of me and Elder Cordeiro...and it’s hard to believe that I will be in his position training a new missionary. At least he will be a Brazilian that will know Portuguese. Elder Abreu will be going to Sao Gabriel...the other area...not the one where I was! But he’ll know a lot of people I knew. So that’s pretty cool.

I have some pictures to send... One is of me and Elder Santana...eating pancakes. The other is of our zone soccer team...we won by-the-way. The back of my shirt says Breinholtch...tch is like dude here in the south of Brazil!

The work is good I guess. My teaching pool has gone to zero really fast. But with this excited greenie we will fill it back BAPTIZE!!!

I didn’t get my shoes yet...hopefully tomorrow...I really need them!

I know it’s not a very long e-mail but Elder Abreu needs to say goodbye to some people.

I love you all and will have lots to write about next week

Monday, November 10, 2008

No e-mail Monday!!

Well it's 3:00 p.m. here and 7:00 p.m. in Brazil and we have no e-mail. I think we won't be getting one today.

Monday, November 3, 2008


Hello Family

I’m doing fine. I don’t have a lot of time today...that whole bus thing...and p-day is almost up. But the week has been great.

Ok so I have a program to tell you about. This is a program that the mission is doing. It’s called the Live Christmas Card.

First members give names of families that they would like the missionaries to visit. Then the missionaries go there and sing 1 Christmas song. After that they tell the people who sent them (if the members can go with them...even better) and then the people let them in and they share a message about the life of Jesus Christ. That is the lesson we start with here in the mission. I’ll write it down when I have more time. Then they sing and leave. It’s good!

Anyway...transfers are in 2 weeks and I think something will change with us. I’ll keep you posted.

IT IS hot...Summer is not good...seriously...really humid...

We had some good times this week. We found a good family he believes in spiritism. I don’t know if you know what that is, but it’s a weird religion that believes in reincarnation and such... kinda weird...but well teach them good.

So I gotta go...BTW KEVIN BAKER GOT MARRIED?!?!?!?! That’s weird.

I will write earlier next week!

Fun fact...check the exchange rate of the dollar to the real...AWESOME!

Elder Big head Jed (I don’t know)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Time for a contest...

Do you know which movie the frog got his line from? Can you pick out the movie line in Jed's last e-mail?

Good Luck! The first 3 readers with both correct answers will win a prize!
And that prize would be chocolate of course!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Funny Stuff!

Ribbit! "Excuse me may I go to the bathroom...Thank You!"

Hello family...

Ok so it turns out I dropped the ball on the absentee ballot and now I can't VOTE. I had to be registered by the 6th of October. I feel really bad...bad Llama! What a crappy citizen I am!
Ok...I have stories to tell...
First...that one that you want to hear about

Some background information first...
1. The bus for São Pedro is not a city bus. It is an Inter-Municipal. That means Greyhound type 2. It’s not every 15 min, it’s every hour to an hour and a half (depending on the time of the day) 3. It does stop in locations around Santa Maria before taking the voyage! But we usually get it in the bus station (safer that way...after this story you’ll know why)
4. I don’t know where things are in Santa Maria...remember that I’m in São Pedro...

Ok so we were playing paintball in Santa Maria...really fun... and we finished... so we went to a bus stop. Knowing that our bus would drive by and we would give him the hitchhikers thumb...(weird how that’s the signal to stop a bus here, is it in the united states? I don’t know I don’t ride busses) So a bus came by...we stopped it...and asked if he was going to São Pedro...he told us to wait until 6:30 (to give you an idea, we had been waiting at the stop since 5:00...he came by at 6:00 so it was good news) We waited...and the bus started coming...and we were ready...stuck out my thumb and the bus...DROVE BY!!!!!! So we started running after it...the guy didn’t even look in the mirror.

So then I was like "well what now!?" I knew the direction of the bus station so we decided to start walking (remember that we had gotten done playing paint ball...we looked like clowns)
Anyway it took us an hour to get to the bus station...and even then...there wasn’t a bus until 8:00...which means we got home at 9:00 What A CRAZY DAY!

2nd story...

The other day we were in front of one of our investigators houses and I saw a being the boy I am picked it up. We were talking to our investigator...when all of the sudden I looked down and the frog was peeing on my pants needless to say I threw the frog some distance and went to go wash my hands. But that’s not all! I came out of the house and was thinking "the frog is done peeing...let’s pick it up again" THE FROG WAS NOT DONE PEEING!!!! I guess that’s what I get for thinking. GROSS!!! So that’s how I got peed on by a frog...

I hoped you like those humorous antidotes!
Love you all...
Elder Jed Breinholt...

No card reader...sorry no pictures.

Monday, October 20, 2008

A short e-mail - but a good e-mail!

So my e-mail will be a little shorter this week because I had to write to Pres. Myrrha... but anyway...

This week was really good. We had a baptism. Letica a 10 year old daughter of a member. That was good. What else...

Elias and Loricelia couldn´t meet with us this week but we´re going to call them soon. It really was a good lesson with them. We have an investigator by the name of Tiago. The lesson with him was awesome... really! We´re going back tonight to see him. He's already got an answer that the Book of Mormon is true. YAY!

I bought a big dictionary...look at the picture...its awesome!

I did talk to Sister Quist...and yes she does remember me...and we talked about some Layton stuff. Talked to Elder Lee today. He´s really good. He´s in my district. I´ll send pictures next week...will take them Thursday! He made 3 cds of photos today too!!! So expect some pictures Sister Lee! Oh and Sister Lee...thanks for sending those hymn number guides! They will really help!

Anyway kinda short I know but I gotta catch a bus!
Elder Breinholt
more pictures next week

Monday, October 13, 2008

My Family

St. Peter
Read on...
Wow let´s talk about everybody telling me to write longer e-mails. Anyway so I got my package. Thank you Mom! Everything was what I wanted. The flag and the map especially. Elder Abreu says thanks. OK lets talk about callings in the mission. I´m a senior companion but that doesn´t mean I´m training. My companion is also a senior. He has more time in the mission than me but I am a senior companion as well.

I´m sorry that I haven't been explaining my weeks better. I´ll start right now with this week:

Monday-was P-day also transfer meeting. We met and the read the names and where everyone was going companions and such then we ate lunch with President, Sister and the rest of the staff at Sal y Pimenta...salt and pepper. It was good food. FUN FACT: nice restaurants are Buffets here!

Tuesday-Friday: Worked a ton. We tried to find lots of new investigators. Our teaching pool is kinda small...really small actually. It didn't go extremely well but we got a reference from another missionary in Santa Maria so we contacted them. It was a really good lesson...Elias and Loricelia, then we visited less-actives.

Saturday-Had English class, went really well...did some more teaching
Sunday-CHURCH, was an extremely hot day...had to have been 80 degrees with 70% humidity...too hot!!!!!

Today- Writing this e-mail in which I will talk about conference, things I need in my package, etc.

First off conference was great. We watched it in English because we had no investigators. We only watched the sessions on Sunday. Anyway I really liked Elder Ballards talk...MISSIONARY WORK ROCKS!!!! There were other good ones too...but i cant remember them all.

Tracy spent some time last night on Google Earth and looking at Jed's area.

DAD YOU FOUND SÃO PEDRO!!!! Yes it is the same city...tiny huh...and yep the roads do turn into dirt...dusty dusty dirt. It's funny the roads are mostly cobblestone and pavement is a blessing. Yes I do know about the dinosaur thing...crazy huh.

The statue on top of the catholic church is SAINT PETER!!! He´s holding the keys to the kingdom in his hands, no cross, just Peter! It's funny...because Portuguese was derived from Latin and Latin and Greek are similar you can see that Peter means Rock...because the Portuguese word for Peter is PEDRO and the Portuguese word for stone is PEDRA...interesting huh?

And now for Moms part:I have a few things to ask for...for Christmas or the like:
MY JANSPORT BACKPACK the big one not the school one...I've gone through 2 pairs of shoes and a backpack. I guess that’s what I get for buying a backpack for 20 bucks. Seriously it's all ripped and stuff...
A HYMN BOOK IN ENGLISH...pocket size preferably...
A COLLAPSABLE the one that I had that broke(you can pick one up at wal-mart or office depot I think)...seriously there are times I wish I had it...
Shoe Glue... if I need to fix my shoes...
About Fruit time you go to Costco...pick up the Kellogg’s fruit snacks...they´re my favorite :)
That’s great about Aunt Peggy... parabens!!!! (Congratulations!)

Everyone needs to read Jesus the's a book of great will help you understand the life of Jesus Christ a lot more! A whole lot more!

I hope this was a long enough e-mail for you all. It's hard to write a lot when my companion needs help with a computer. Anyway so I gotta go but I will send pictures (of me mom) next week.
btw...I cut my own hair last week (YIKES!)

tchau tchau um embraço
Elder Breinholt

Sunday, October 12, 2008


I got this off of Jed's cousin Amy's blog. Thanks Amy! This is a wordle that I created from Jed's Blog. I love that it is (sort of) in the shape of a shoe. They walk everywhere. He's already worn out a pair of shoes.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Monday, October 6, 2008

Mate...doesn't look so good to me

Sorry about last week everyone...but we didn't get home from Santa Maria until 9...funny story about that...I´ll write it in my journal and you can ask me what happened when i get home...uhhh! No now would be good!

Paintballing was fun...i think that when i go home i´ll play it in missionary clothes... i´ll answer some questions and then continue...
Questions from his Dad
Jed, how are you feeling about the missionary work, your companion, and the Brazilian people? good...missionary work is great.. Is this area more of a struggle than your last area? about the same. Are the people different (more receptive or less so)? different is what i would call them...small town... Do you speak every week in your branch sacrament meeting? Or teach lessons each week (maybe Gospel Essentials)? Do you basically have to do it all on Sunday? no, no and no.
On my mission, we had to write to the mission president every week. Do you have to do this too? yes...but its e-mail now!!!
What kinds of things do you do on typical P-day? use haven´t gone to santa maria alot this transfer
I only have one question...
When we were in Hawaii Tommy said his mission president would not let them drink Mate because it has so much caffeine in it. I told him your Mission President was Brazilian and he said that would be why you are allowed to drink it. Just enlighten me on it. Is there a difference between Mate and Coffee? YES THERE IS!!!! i will send you a picture...and theres not a ton of caffiene in it...and it´s delicious!!!!
so this week was good...went to the farm again...send you a few pictures of that...its funny...i´ve been using the panoramic feature on my camera alot more here in são pedro... i´ll send you one...
today was transfers...nothing is changing in são pedro...
i started writing letters to people....again...ive been a slaker
but anyway...i dont have alot to say
talk to you all next week
love you all
elder jed breinholt
ps...package is great...
As you can see I didn't do a lot of editing on this e-mail have fun reading it.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dad looks skinny...

Some of you have asked me about Tracy looking skinny to Jed so I thought I'd post a "before" and "during" picture of Tracy's mission to loose weight. He is doing AMAZING! I am so proud of him. By next spring we should have a pretty good "after" picture.

This is what Jed remembers from February 2008
This is Tracy 40+ pounds lighter in Hawaii September 2008
I wish I were 40+ pounds lighter!!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Dear Mom and Dad Please Send Money....

Hey will you put more money in my account...please...
Today I will write more in Santa Maria...because I will be playing paint ball!
So thats my day...write more later.

Yea he didn't write more later...

Monday, September 22, 2008

Hello Family!

This week has been really good. I don´t have alot of time but I did buy the clothes I wanted, and I did watch the parade. I will send you pictures next week.
Thanks for the election news. The stuff for the package is fine.

dc martins size 11.5 por favor. You sent me memory foam insoles. It's what I asked for but not what I really need...gel please...oh and i want an american flag...please.
I will definitely write more next week...
The pictures are is really skinny...thats great that you got to talk to the Elder Mankel!
Anyway love you all,


Check out the comment on the blog for 9/8 it will explain who Elder Lee is.

This is a synopsis of the holiday they celebrated on Saturday. That was essentially their p-day so they didn't have much time today. Just enought time to e-mail and back to work.

September 20 is an important holiday for the people of Rio Grande do Sul. It marks the start of the revolution between the Gaúchos and the imperial government of Brazil. Ten years of warfare that left a lot of hurt and bitterness. The war was fought for independence and self-determination. Both of these are strong characteristics of the Gaúcho.

Hello Parents on a Cruise!

This is from last week 9/15/08 while we were in Hawaii (It was amazing)

Hello parents on a cruise...
I´m doing great. Today I was going to buy clothing of the gaucho!
I hope I can send this e-mail. I couldn't send to Abi. Weird. Read some of my earlier e-mails and list in your next e-mail all that I said that i need...because I can't remember. I don't really have anything big to report about my week this week. Yesterday we went to the outside 20 km outside of São Pedro to the farm of a member (I know the grammar is wrong...but it's right in portuguese) But there was only one problem the batteries in my camera died so I didn't get any pictures to send...but I will...we will go back there soon. It's really beautiful...serene...I want to live in the wilderness...maybe when I'm rich I will buy some land here in São Pedro...yeah...that would be good.
But anyway here is a fun agricultural this region the main "cash crop" is litereally the "cash crop"...tabacco. João(the member) told us that he and only a few other of his neighbors don´t grow tabbacy that was interesting. Milked a cow Elder abreu had a really hard time getting started. It was good to be on the farm I don´t know why I feel like that but it was good.
Nothing extremely new besides the buying of gaucho clothes. Onthe 20th there will be a holiday...something to do with the state or gauchos or something...and everybody dresses up in gaucho clothes. There is a parade...pretty sweet. So I have to buy bombichas...pants... and also Im buying some sapatinhos...or shoes...I haven't brought myself to buy boots yet maybe next year. I don't want to lug around boots...but the shoes I can do. All in all it will cost me 65 real (BRL) about 30 bucks because the dollar is really high again! Let's hope it keeps climbing!
So hows the elections doing? I see some things on the tv..that John McCain and Barack Obama are the candidates but that's all I know. Brazillians are for Barack Obama...weird huh???
It's political season in Brazil as well...this year is city officials. So everywhere there are people with flags, passing out little flyers with the picture of the candidate and his number for the electronic voting machine. Cars with speakers on top blasting campaign music. Right now there is a rally in the park...under the water tower...yes there is a water tower in the middle of the central park... I´ll take a picture of it and send it to you...
Well I really don't have anything else to say. I hope you all get this... thats all...
love you guys!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

From the Son that is ours...

Sao Pedro, R.S.
35km north of Santa Maria

City Hall in Sao Gabriel

To the family that is mine...
This week has been really good. I have only 1 picture to send of São Pedro so far. I'd liken the hills in and around Santa Maria to the Black Hills in South Dakota with a few higher peaks. This is a continuation of those. It's really quite beautiful here what with all the flora. I will also send you a picture of the Prefitura(city hall) of São Gabriel and I will answer some questions. I wrote alot to Abi...had to get the randoms out...but i will try to write alot

What is required to be sanctified? We read in the end of Acts that Paul sanctified himself and was inside the temple when the ruling Jewish class came to get him to take him before the Romans. But really it's a putting off of all worldly things. Temples are sanctified because in them are preformed ordinances of heaven. So I think that for sanctification there needs to be a righteous desire to put off the things of the world for something better...eternal life. I have a question for you: WHY IS THE BOOK JESUS THE CHRIST SO GOOD??? Seriously I think it's the best book I've ever read.

1. How are your clothes? Shoes & Shirts? fine...if you do want to send me some shoes...send me some eccos...or dc martins....thick soles are very good for the mission.
2. I'm sending you a package at the end of September anything specific you want in it? fruit snacks...and 2 maps of the United States....chocolate orange..and maple extract...other candy from the USA.
3. How's the companion? good.
I'll write to certain people...
Hi Grandma...
This is just a short note to tell you how much I love you. And to thank you for being the Grandma next door of my childhood. The Grandma with fruit trees that we could climb eat...the Grandma that loved to garden and taught us to love plants too. Thank you for the games...twink(it definately helped me with adding)...battle ship...racko...all the games you loved to play with us. Thank you for your testimony and your love for this gospel...your example...thank you!
For Grandpa:
Grandpa...just a quick note to tell you how I am. I am doing great! Mom has been sending you my e-mails so you can read about my experiences, but I would just like to say thank you for all that you have done for me through out my life. Being the Grandpa that showed us the value of hard work. For always being there for us. For showing us your love for the gospel and service in the church. Thank you for everything and I love you!
Aunt Peggy:
Hi Aunt Peggy. You definately have been reading my blog, I know! Mom told me about your health trouble. That's bad luck...but I have faith that everything will go fine. Thank you for all that you and your family has done for mine. Setting an example of missionary service and activity in the church. Really for everything...for your really good chicken salad...REALLY GOOD CHICKEN SALAD! The great family parties we have at your house! Everything is better with Aunt Peggy´s Costco bargains!!!! Really thank you for your testimony. I love you and your family.

Anyway...turns out that when I come home I will eat conjica(look it up...delicious!!!)and pão de queijo! cheese bread...delicious as well...i think i will go get some now!!!
I love you all and think of you every day...
Elder Jed Breinholt
btw...elder eck told me to tell you guys to write him in his letter that I just read at Mcdonalds...(was delicious btw! I am not ashamed to say that Mcdonalds was delicious...)and i will talk to you all next week!!!
pão de queijo! cheese bread

“conjica”, a pudding made with hominy and sugar, topped with cinnamon

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

esta setembro, feliz primavera! (It's September Happy Spring)

It really is allergies are killing me!!!!!! but whatever.

São Pedro is pretty good. There are hills at least! It's a city literally right next to Santa right next I mean 1 hour away. For District Meeting we go to Santa Maria. Oh and Friday I will be in the newspaper here. I will send you a copy!! I´m starting an english class here.

Elder Abreau is my new companion...uh-huh...he´s really smart...but he has some trouble communicating with people. We´ll work on that. The branch is really small, just 2-3 familes. We´ll work on that too!

I don´t have a lot to say really

I will send pictures next week...because i don´t have space to send them this week!

tchau de seu missionario no brasil....e eu vou falar com vocês proxima semana...

(Good bye from your Missionary in Brazil )

Saturday, August 30, 2008

New Pictures from Facebook...

I didn't want to loose this one off the blog so I added it to this post.

The following pictures are from the Facebook page of the young man that is in the baptism pictures. Abi and Elisabeth sent them on to me. Don't you just love technology! Jed looks so incredibly happy and we are so incredibly proud. I love how in the first picture they are making fun of his "thumbs up" gesture. In the rest of the pictures you'll know why. I can't caption each of them because I don't know the names of those in the pictures so just enjoy!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

And the New Area is...SÃO PEDRO DO SUL!

I´m just going to say...flood the earth with the Book of Mormon.

Today marks the 6 month mark for Elder Breinholt. WOW! As you can tell from the title (which is the subject line of his e-mail) of this post that he has been transferred. Here is his e-mail from yesterday.

Transfers were today and yes I am getting transferred to like it says in the subject line São Pedro do Sul. It's a little town that lies 35km from Santa Maria. My new companion is Elder Abreau. I don´t know anything about him...only seen him a few times...but its cool. I'm excited to get to know a new place and a new companion. I have had some interesting experiences here in São Gabriel and ate some interesting things...tripe included(it´s not as bad as you would think...)

So the Abister is going to big bad college is she? That's pretty cool I guess. Someone should ask her why she hasn´t e-mailed her big brother in Brazil yet...she can e-mail me from her e-mail address...she really can!

I really don´t have anything big to write about this week besides transfers. I am going to leave early in the morning, well not really early like 9. Then in the bus station in Santa Maria meet Elder Abreau and leave for São Pedro. The bus ride is really short maybe a half an hour. We will be the only Missionaries in the city it's really small only 16,000 people so the area is small. They tell me that the branch attendance is 13 to 20 people...GREAT!!! For district meeting we will travel to Santa Maria. So it turns out I´m going to the Newcastle of this mission...YAY!!!
Some good news Sister Myrrha didn´t come to inspect our house...good news...thumbs up!
So that's all I have to talk about this week...will have a ton to write next week!...btw...I am now a senior companion.
Love you all!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Hello people of the great white hat of America! (joke about Canada)

Hello Family...
This week has been crazy...really. Saturday we had another baptism it was good. We also had an activity with the new Joseph Smith movie. Elder J. Silva got a copy I don´t know how because no one here has ever seen it. Anyway it's been a fairly good week thanks everybody for your prayers. Like I said we moved to the other apartment and like I said it's a dungeon. We had a few very humid days and everything...EVERYTHING...started to mold bad news bears. So this morning we started cleaning...heavily...because Sister Myrrha most likely will be here Thursday to I will get you Elder Cordeiro´s address next week. And I will tell you where I am going next week, because really I think that I am getting well see next Monday. Well that's been my week.

I am reading the Book of Mormon by the Portuguese...yay!!!! (We read the Book of Mormon as a family from August - December every year. Want to join us? We are on 1Nephi 15 as of today. Read 2 chapters 6 times a week and you'll finish by Christmas with us!)

So Abi turned to the dark side, did she? (Abi bought an Apple Computer!!)

Well that's my life as a missionary. Have a great week everybody. This computer that I am using doesn't have a CD so no pictures this week...almost didn't have them last week...the cd wouldn't open...then a miracle happened...YAY!!!! So that's how I roll!

Goodbye all! I love you all...
Elder Jed Breinholt

Monday, August 11, 2008

chamados a servir - "Called to Serve"

Sao Gabriel Branch Building

Hello family...this week has been crazy...
First we had zone conference on Tuesday....funny story...
I was talking to a certain elder laney...and he asked me where i was from...and what mission i lived in...then asked me if i knew elder eck...turns out they're from the same ward... so we had some good times talking about him...the office...laser cats...abi you understand... anyway so wrote him a letter too

Got your letters...didn't understand the letter from abi and stephane...was i supposed to?
Thursday we the dungeon...its not that bad i guess...closer to the church(see picture)
Saturday had another baptism...of a 12 year old kid.
I don't have really alot of time...p-day is already over...know that i love you all and wish for your success.
Dont have pictures of the baptisms yet!...will send week i will know if i am getting transfered or not...
That's all for this week...I'll write better next week.
The other photo is me saying "wyoming again!" amo vocês!
As best as I can translate using Babel Fish this says "Goodbye...I love you all" I love seeing him this is the first picture we have had for months! It makes me miss him. Elder Eck is one of our favorite missionaries here in our mission.

Monday, August 4, 2008


They had to go in the back room to find them but yes you can find
Hand Warmers in Wyoming in July!! Thanks Bishop Klamm & Wyoming Work Wearhouse!

First off...thanks for the it when we were on splits with the zone leaders this week...thanks for the hand warmers(using one today) This week has been crazy go nuts. We were on splits this week(like i said)which was really good...i always learn something i can do better when we are on exchanges...anyway... I've had some really good experiences this week...most of all on saturday and sunday when we had 2 PEOPLE BAPTIZED AND CONFIRMED! one was Anathan...the kid that i told you about last week about english class...and a 12 year old girl named Amanda...she is the niece of the primary that was good...i cant send pictures this week but i will next...i promise...i baptized Anathan...and only had to do it twice because i forgot to say amén just that...the water was really was good...and they were confirmed yesterday in sacrament meeting...which was also really good. It was really spiritual at church yesterday...i don´t know just was. we will be having a baptisim next week too...of the grandson of a less active member.
turns out i´m still in são gabriel with no end in sight...we´ll see i guess. but it has turned cold again...really least its not raining...i´ve listened to the Saturdays Warrior 3 times already...the other one is good too! thank you!
and now about some other things in my life:
We are going to be moving...either to an apartment that the mission already has or to a new apartment that we´re looking for...because elder rizato(of the missionary couple) was called as the branch president of the other branch...and our apartment is closer to his we will be switching...but the other apartment is a dungeon...doesn´t have sunlight at the humidity stays and so does the mold! were looking for another apartment that has more light...keep you informed. Tomorrow is zone conference...YES!!!!! i love zone conference. we will be taking a member with us to be set apart by pres. myrra in Alegrete...because its a district here and he´s got the keys to do it...and so he will be staying with us tomorrow night...MISSIONARY WORK ROCKS!!! it´s so exciting seeing him getting ready to go...and going through some of the same things i did. yay!
so thats my of the baptisim and some pampas next week...tchau all
p.s. abi e-mail me from your e-mail...i want to talk to you when you are away at the lege(as in college) and abi text my freinds and tell them about the blog!
this week has been really good for me!
peace out home slices!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Good week for Elder Breinholt

hello family...this week has been really good...we started to deliver things for references this week...which turned out really good...have a few new families because of it...i can´t send pictures this week because the place we came today doesn't have a cd drive on the computers...but i burned all my pictures to a cd so i can send them a little more easily... so next week for sure...
i knew the package would get back to you...patience is where it's at... i do have one package here...i don´t know which one it is...about the english class that i started...we have since been teaching a young man from that class...a cousin of a member...and he will be baptized in 2 weeks...he´s really a golden investigator...everything we tell him to do he does...he stopped smoking in 3 days...and hasn´t looked back's funny...on sunday we were in gospel principles...with the rest of the branch(because the sunday school teacher couldn't come) and the teacher said..."where are the men of my branch?" (understand that we have 35 relief society members and 5 quorum members...) and he said to me...aren´t you a member of the i explained that i´m not really...and then i said to him and your not a member yet...he got really excited and just said...yet...he goes on visits with us alot all i can
well thats all for all have a good day and live the comandments...they bring blessings...

I mailed a package to Jed in May that he never got and Saturday the Postman delivered it back to me YEA!!! He only gets his packages and snail mail every transfer or Zone Conference. I've been trying to do better at sending him snail mail letters as well as my weekly e-mail so he always has something from home on those transfer/conference days.

Monday, July 21, 2008

minha família marvlhosa!

Translation ... My Marvelous Family!
Happy Birthday Annie!!! I really do have photos to send to the 3 birthdays (Elisabeth, Abi and Annie)...and i think i will have it resolved by next week so i can send them. I have q-tips...and i can buy them here! yay!...but i can't buy fruit snacks boo!...oh some people of the branch have some requests for stuff...chocolate chips...chocolate orange...marshmellos...redvines...peanut butter... american missionary introduces people to things and then they crave it forever. We have washing machines down here...i don't have a dryer...i have a thing called a tankinie...not the swimming suit! Anyway its just a tank of water and a jet roter...cleans pretty good...but you have to ring it out by hand...and a dryer in the assistants house...coisas boas!(good things for all you gringos)
Its already my third transfer...weird...
all my love to you all...

Monday, July 14, 2008

Late e-mail today

ok i have to be short...because we have to go to the chapel to play companions idea...i will write next week...a lot more...i´m sorry all...but i am alive and well...sorry

Monday, July 7, 2008


I thought I'd post a picture of the chain that we have hanging on the bookshelf in the office for Jed's first year out. One link for each week. We decided that we'd do something different next year. 33 weeks to go this year and 85 weeks overall. However, I like the sound of 19 months 2 weeks that is on the ticker at the bottom of the blog.

This week has been quite emotional here in Gillette. One of Jed's best friends, Ryan, his little sister, Ali who is Abi's age, was killed in a car accident last week. We are all still in shock and you can read Jeds reaction to the tragic news:

Hello family...
I really don´t know what to say...Ali´s death has kinda shaken me up this morning...she is the first person to die that I have known(i think) while on my mission...but in a community like Gillette...I know she won't be the last...but it´s Ryan´s sister!!!!! That is just crazy....

How great it is that we have great truths like the plan of salvation. I am so grateful to be out here sharing these great truths with the people of Brazil...but you guys at home have a great responsibility invite people to know about these learn that the heavens are open once again and that we have a Prophet on the earth that really speaks with our Heavenly Father...invite Rishi, Jon, Ryan(especially), Max, Kelsey, all of my freinds...not just you guys invite them, I INVITE learn that families really can be together for ever. this gospel is too great to be kept a the words of the scriptures...LET YOUR LIGHT SO SHINE...and what is our light? THE GOSPEL! It is our responsibility as members of The Church of Jesus share this. I would like to write my each of you... and I want you to print it out and give it to everyone... this is my testimony...

I know that our Savior lives. I know that he really suffered for our pains and imperfections. I know that our Hevenly Father loves us and that like a real father we can talk to him about anything through prayer. I know that families can be together forever through our Heavenly Fathers plan. I know that Joseph Smith really did see God the Father and Jesus Christ. I know that through him we do have Jesus Christ´s church. It´s not just a title or the name of the church, it really is led and guided by him, through Prophets today. The heavens are open once again. I know this to be true. I invite you as a representative of Jesus Christ to learn about this gospel that I hold so dear in my heart. This is the reason I am here in Brazil to share this gospel with others and I would like to share it with you. Take my invitation as a freind. This I sincerely write to you. With every fiber of my being I know it is true.
Talk to my family to find out more.
Your Friend,

ok. you can attach a picture to that...i really want you to do this for me...i was such a slacker with sharing the gospel at home...but know i realize the importance of sharing the gospel...don´t keep your light under a bushell... in the words of Paul: I am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ
ok now that that is off my chest...i will answer some questions.

How are you and Elder Silva getting along? super
Working hard? of course
Hows the weather? this week has been warm...
How is the English Class coming? good. Teaching some people because of it
Sacrament Meeting attendance any better? were working on it

Angela...thank you for the recipe...

THATS GREAT about dad loosing weight...maybe when i get back we can go rock climbing as father and son!...

I want you to look at one of the teaching styles we use here in the mission...Mosiah chapter 12:31-36...its where Abinadi is asking the priests about the law of moses...first he asks. then they respond. then he testifies...then he uses the scriptures and proceeds to teach the ten comandments...its awesome...

now a question for you...i kow its like a year and a half early but what is the talk about coming to pick me up? :) you guys would love it down here....seriously.

thats all for today...
will write and send pictures next week(with any luck)


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sorry I'm Late Posting this Week!

I'm sorry I'm late posting this week I'm sick but feeling a bit better today. So here is the latest from Elder Breinholt...

hello all...
my week has been just fabulous.
we went to santa maria wednesday for a mission conference...about...EXCERCISE...i now excercise every morning...except sunday of course...but it was good...didnt get anything in the mail...dont know why...probably because i´m doing pretty bad at writing people...sorry everyone...i will try to get everybodys letters off this next week.
ok...about the missionary couple...they have been in the mission for a year...they are brazillian and will be here on the 7th...they will be working with less actives...primarily...yay. but here in the mission were are getting a missionary couple...the Langs...and the don´t know portuguese...never learned a languge...the wanted to go to an historical site in the united states...but they are coming to brazil instead...crazy huh?
also...the much better...much better...extremely better...i am now to the point where i can start talking back...and not just understand...awesome(said like lilly in shark vs. eagle for you abi) i figured out that my new card reader is not working i can send pictures...i will buy a new one this week...that makes me super mad...
english class was good...hard for me to speak in english...thats good right?!?!
BEN:(to the tune of row your boat)MOW MOW MOW THE LAWN...DON´T COMPLAIN AT ALL. YOUR A MAN SO DEAL WITH IT...YOU´RE NOW BIG AND TALL...speak german to the max!
ANNIE: SING SING A SONG...SING OUT LOUD...thats really cool about your singing lessons.
that is all
Hey Angela, Jed in another short e-mail asked for a Banana Bread Recipe. After reading your post about Costco Bananas would you send me yours and I'll include it to him. THANKS!

Monday, June 23, 2008


It took until late in the day today to get Jed's e-mail I had begun a little "mother panic" but all is well in Sao Gabriel with Elder Breinholt...

Why hello family!
I am doing great...mission life is crazy go nuts awesome. It has been crazy to the max this week... first off we walked crazy far...we have an area it´s really another city but it´s ours and its roughly 6km from the edge of são gabriel...yeah we walked it....foi louco!!!!! (IT WAS WILD) We also taught in a high school monday night...showed Finding Faith in Christ...and they wrote down their addresses...if they wanted to...more did than did not...was good...we´re doing it again Thursday...
As the title states we´re in the full swing of winter down here!!! and it is cold....brrrrrrr...mostly because houses dont have its kinda weird when we come home its warmer inside...but in the morning its colder inside than outside...cold to the max!
i don´t know what it is with places down here...i cant send a picture to save my life...but i have some really good ones...i made pastel...and took a picture...let me explain one word is delicious!...ask any missionary who served in brazil! but basically you take massa...pot sticker shell more or less...then you stuff it...with ham and cheese...hard boiled egg and cheese...really whatever floats your can even go desert style...with cocunut and chocolate...banana is a litte weird...but good...really what ever you feel like...then fold it over and press with a fork...then the best part comes...deep fry...delicious!!!!!
also...ask a missionary that served in brazil....ok turns out this is the closest thing to a kit-kat...they have here...but smaller and like twenty of buy them by the box...either white or milk choc. its delicious as well...
I DO NOT LIKE PAPAYA!!!thought i would just put that in there for you all.
has anybody ever eaten donkey??? my companion has...swears by it...ITS A DONKEY ELDER J. SILVA...THERES PROBABLY A LAW SOMEWHERE THAT YOU CANT EAT IT...luckily here in the south...people agree with me...just horse...or donkey...
i´m really mad about the picture thing...i really want to send them.
i really havent had any cool experiences this week...
oh...we´re getting a missionary in são the end of the month...thats all we know right now...nothing else...i´ll keep you informed..
thats all for now...
talk to you all next week
ps. starting an english class...keep you informed.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Jed's New Companion: Elder J. Silva

FUNNY BLOG Check it out! sorry everybody about last week...its been crazy...and no pictures this week becuse the place where i have sent them before is now blocked up...OK so turns out this week has been crazy...transfers on tuesday was insane...said goodbye to elder cordeiro in the moring and got ready to go to the bus station...where all the missionaries getting transfered...more or less...converged....crazy...then...waited...and waited and waited for my new companion...ELDER J. arrive...was late...left at 4:00 from santa maria and got to são gabriel...
a little about my new companion Elder J. Silva: he is from the city of rio grande do norte...funny story about that...natal in portuguese whenever he tells people where he is from...they say você conhece Papai Noel? Translated means do you know Santa Clause? Its pretty funny.
Thats great about the baptisms of the elders in gillette...does anybody have any suggestions on getting people to sacrament meeting? We are having some troubles with this. They just won't come....
Other than that...nothing else really happened this week or last...just alot of work...but thats good for me :}

hopefully will send pictures next week...i have some really good ones...

Monday, June 9, 2008

Two in one and none the next!

i had an e-mail ready but it got erased...sorry i dont have time to write a new one...will write next week!!!SORRY EVERYBODY

This is all we got this week! Check back next week!

Monday, June 2, 2008

SURPRISE! SURPRISE! 2 e-mails in one day!

What a surprise when I checked my email this afternoon and found this!

"I have a little time this about pres. monson and elder nelsons talks:
pres. Monson: talked about the temple of course...talked about families being sealed in the temple...told a story about a patriarch in europe, named percy fester. that when the iron curtain was up there was a family of latter-day saints trapped in poland...and he went and gave patriarcal blessings to the family...and when he returned to salt lake he came to president monson and said something to the effect of: elder monson...i´ve done something those patriarcal blessings i promised things that can´t be fullfilled...but they were...and when the family moved to west germany...they went to the Bern temple...and the temple president was there to greet them...It was Brother Fester!!!! he told another story about a family in south africa...that was saving up money to go to the temple...this was before there was a temple in south africa...the 4 little girls asked him questions for 3 hours about the temple...and when he left the youngest girl said "We´ll see you in the temple" and a year later he met them and sealed them as a family in the salt lake temple...
now about elder nelsons talk: also was about the temple...
he talked about the ordinances of the temple...he talked about how before the Savior opened a way to teach the dead...ordaninces were only done for the living...and now they can be done for the dead...he also talked about how the temple fulfills the purpose of the creation...and without temples the entire earth would be uterly wasted...he also talked about the sacredness of the temple...and when Jesus clensed the temple the first time he called it my fathers house...the second time he said my house...and when they had further desecrated it he called it their house... all in all it was a really good talk...
i´m glad i had the opportunity to participate in a temple dedication...because i don´t get the opportunity to go to the temple during my mission...and the chapel had the same holiness as the temple yesterday...revelation was received...and my testimony is stronger than ever...i love this church...this gospel...i know it is the only way we can return to live with our Father in Heaven again...
because i forgot in my e-mail earlier...

i have photos for your birthdays i will try to send them next week...if i can´t i´ll go snail mail!...and for the rest of you...have a good week the church is true...i know it with all my heart...thats why i am here in brazil!
(This is in reference to him misspelling his name in the letter he sent with his cartoon portrait on it)
Is this a great kid or what! I truly feel so blessed to be his mother. He was born with a testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and has been an example of unwavering faith for me his whole life.

Curitiba Brazil Temple Dedication

The dedication of the Curitiba Temple was yesterday, was really good understood almost all...there was a talk given by one of the area presidency...he talked about problems of the it being too far away...and two...too close...let me explain...when you have a temple really think to yourself "i can go anyday" and you don´t...he talked about making a go to the temple...put it in your is a blessing...btw...his entire talk was in portuguese but i understood all of it :)

Are you getting your daily dose of bifitus regularus? nope...sorry (That question was from Abi)
How are things going? so good....this week has been filled with so many spiritual experences(why yes i do know it is spelled wrong, i forgot my own language!)

How is the investigator pool right now? a whole lot better... we have found a family of a mother and spiritual...i feel they will be baptized...

What did you get at Zone Conference? got my 2 mission ties packages...letters from grandma/julie. grampa. elder eck and elder vanmeetern...and one from elder gardner from the mtc...already has 8 baptisims...yup...but this next sunday is transfers...basically here is what happens...everyone who is getting transferred converges on santa maria...gets letters and such...and i will get all my letters that were sent to the mtc...and will be good...

The language is doing better...the church is true...even here in the wyoming of brazil...but i have to go week maybe pictures...and i will write more about the temple dedication...pres. monson and elder nelson gave great talks (in english with interpreters) that were just awesome about the temple...oh yeah...turns out the music rule in the south dakota rapid city mission is now here...yep...i´m glad i have all that church material!!!!!
But love you all tons...

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Your horticulture lesson for the week

"Wow this week has shot´s been conference is Alegrete...2 hour bus ride!...YAY! and i did it twice already this week...about that...went on exchanges with the líderes de zona this i said the zone is in it was a big long drive...worked there with elder andre...elder oliveria was here with elder cordeiro...anyway...was good...talked with american elders for the first time in like a month...that was good...everybody thinks i´m doing really well with the language...i guess...the brazillian comp is doing good... I will answer questions from dad:
How many members are active in your branch? 50 or 60
How many MP holders? 7 or 8 Have you spoken in church yet? no but its coming... i know it is Are the members helpful with referrals? mais ou menos(portuguese for so-so)...GIVE THE MISSIONARIES REFERRALS!!!! all of you out there in blog home...share the gospel!
What time does it get light in the morning now and what time does it get dark at night? light at about 8:30 dark at 6
Are you still getting a lot of rain? not much
Is it getting colder? its really wierd...because monday-thursday was super hot....but now its fresca(portuguese for chilly) again...wierd
oh funny story...ate maracuja(passion fruit) and caqui (i don´t even know...looks like a tomato...but is not) for the first time this week...BOTH EXCELLENT!...and i know where cashews come from...a fruit...of the same name...tasted the juice...not very good...the fruit i don´t know...we´ll see
The nut/seed is on the bottom has a shell/covering that
has the properites of poison ivy!


Working hard and loving it...your favorite missionary in brazil...

ELDER JED BREINHOLT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another link off the chain...thanks for visiting Jed's Mission Blog!

Monday, May 19, 2008


Can you see a resemblance between this and the self portrait above that Jed drew on his letter that he wrote to us from the Mission Home!
Elder Breinholt & Elder Cordeiro
Their apartment

We had a great e-mail from Jed today here are the highlights:

"ok this week was great...showers fixed...thats pretty great...the heating coil had come heat. Anyway turns out that this week was really weird...correction...saturday was weird...

you see the morning i had gotten up to get a shower...this was after the shower was fixed and in...just got done shampooing my hair...when all of the sudden...there came a rather loud pop from the wall where the shower plugs in...not wanting to fry myself i quickly turned off the shower and got out...started getting ready...when another louder pop came from the same place... this time the power went off in the apartment...checked the breaker...nothing elder cordeiro went down to the landlord to see...only the landlord wasn´t we checked the main breaker for the whole apt. complex...only 2...and sure enough i had tripped the main breaker...this was caused by bad wiring...which was fixed today!

story 2...happened same day...saturday
we had an activity for mothers day at the we start preparing for this activity...everything is fine and dandy...and when we are about to start the activity the power goes out...IN THE WHOLE CITY!...we sat for about 45 minutes with just the Emergency lights on...then it came back on...YAY...Not 5 minutes later it goes back off...we missionaries have to get home...this is like 8:00 at night...stays off for 30 minutes...on for again...and it was off for another hour while we walked home...weird

The Elder Breinholt Blog continues.....

Thanks for the visit!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

What to say?

This is a picture of Jed and Elder Stanfield from the MTC. Elder Stanfield is from Murray, Utah and they really got along great. He is in a different mission than Jed. Actually he's still in the MTC in Sao Paulo. They both liked the same things, music, movies etc. I like his choice in football teams! GO PATRIOTS!

This is the only picture he could get through. After talking for an hour yesterday it was really hard for him to come up with a letter to us this morning. I totally understand it was hard for me to write to him early this morning too. He is doing so great. Happy, healthy and loving Sao Gabriel. The hot water is broken in his apartment and he said the shower is like ice! BRRRR. I sent him 9 pictures of the kids various activities this past couple of weeks and he really liked those. Well that's about it for this week. Thanks for coming by the Blog.
I found this tribute to Sao Gabriel on YouTube it's pretty good.

He told us yesterday that they play the Accordian and Violin in their traditional music a lot and you can hear it in this video.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Dia Feliz Das Mães! *** Happy Mother's Day!

Who knew - today is Mother's Day in Brazil too! We were able to talk to Jed for an hour today it was WONDERFUL! We called him at the church house at 3:00 p.m. our time (6:00 p.m. his time) and he answered. It was so great to hear his voice. Well - actually we heard from him yesterday for about 2 1/2 minutes to make sure we had the correct phone number to call him today. It was a bit of a shock to hear him on the other end of the phone when I answered it yesterday afternoon. Abi talked to him first today because she had to go to work this afternoon after the yummy spaghetti dinner Tracy made (my choice I love spaghetti). Then Ben and Annie had a turn. Then Tracy and I each got on a phone and talked for about 40 minutes. Here is a bit of a recap of our conversation...

Language- Jed says he is so grateful that he is understanding just about everything even to the point that he isn't having to consciously translate what he hears already. He says he is still timid to talk but is getting a little more brave every day. His companion is Brazilian and so that helps. They study familiar scriptures and sing familiar hymns in Portuguese to help Jed out. He even says that occasionally there are a few words that he forgets in English already.

Companion - Elder Cordeiro is from Brazil and he goes home next transfer. He is the District Leader in Sao Gabriel. Jed says they get along very well and he is a great missionary. They work really hard. I prayed that Jed would get a great trainer that would know how to work and teach Jed how to the best missionary ever and my prayers were answered. Jed says their area is about 8 miles square and they walk it all. They have a goal of 10 contacts a day to increase their teaching pool. They both are very committed and have a great attitude. In Southern Brazil there is a lot of money and everyone thinks they have everything they need. He said it's a little like teaching here in our ward in Gillette.

The Church in Sao Gabriel - There are two branches in the area. Three sets of missionaries, Jed and Elder Cordeiro and two sets of Sister Missionaries. The Branches are small but they sign up to feed the Elders just like we do here in Gillette. Which brings me to the next topic...

The Food - They eat one meal a day with the members - the noon meal. Jed and Elder Cordeiro and one set of the Sister Missionaries eat together at a members home. He says he and his companion usually skip dinner and work right through. He loves beans and rice and the fruit is so good. They buy lots of magoes each week. He also is developing a taste for Chimarrão. It is made from some kind of dried grass and infused with hot water like you would tea but it is not tea and totally legal. It is quite a process and ritual to prepare and to drink. Google it if you want to know more. Even though it gets pretty cold there are still palm trees and he says everyone has an orange tree. He saw his first Avacado tree. They use avacados in a sweet dessert and put sugar and milk with them. His companion loves it and assures Jed he'll like it too. He hasn't had it yet. The term rodizio (as in Rodizio Grill) comes from Southern Brazil where Jed is and the type of restaurant that you get rodizio is a Chiausciria. Sao Gabriel is the "Capitol" of Chiausciria's. They're are 7-8 really good ones in Sao Gabriel. He is hoping they'll eat at one tomorrow for p-day.

Well there will be an e-mail tomorrow from him so I'll post again tomorrow.

Thanks for the visit!
Jed's Mom

Monday, May 5, 2008

New Address

Jed's address for letters...

Elder Jed Breinholt
Brazil Santa Maria Mission
Caixa Postal 0339
97001-970 - Santa Maria -RS

Jed can receive e-mails from you but will not be able to answer them. He can only e-mail his parents. If you are interested in his e-mail address leave a comment and I'll send it to you. From his letter it appears that all letters and packages to go the mission office and they are distributed about 3 times a transfer so about every other week. Thank goodness for e-mail!

Jed's First Area - Sao Gabriel, RS

This was taken just outside of Sao Gabriel.
Looks a bit like Wyoming in the spring to me!!
I found this picture on the net.
Sao Gabriel is southwest of Santa Maria its population is approx. 68,000 people. The main source of income is cattle ranching and rice farming. Here are some great excerpts from Jeds
e-mail today, Monday is P-day and I get to talk to him next Sunday for Mothers Day! YEA! He sent all the information for our call next Sunday 3:00 p.m our time. 153 hours and 43 minutes but who's counting? ;o)

"Hello family...this is your in the brazil santa maria mission son...IT IS AWESOME! ok i will answer some questions then tell you about my week so far...btw p-days are on monday....
How was it meeting President and Sister Myrrha? Awesome...President Myrrha doesn´t speak alot of none...but the food was good...spirit better...english none...
How do you like it? SÃO GABRIEL...AWESOME...three companionshps...2 of sisters...and us...everyone here is brazillian...all the missionaries...except for me...that is good for my language i guess. Tell us all about your companion? Elder brazillian...very...a tiny bit of english....good elder. Your apartment? suprisingly big... The weather? suprisingly cold...I'm going to look for a coat today.
Ok so it turns out i really am in the Wyoming of the south...after i got out of Porto Alegre there was nothing...FOR FOUR HOURS....then after i left santa maria THERE WAS NOTHING FOR FOUR HOURS....its crazy...but são gabriel is earth it...smaller...but our area is feet are really sore portugese is getting better cause i have to speak it all the time....but its good...teaching its not in the ctm any stretch of the is good...i tried to send pictures but at the internet place we are at...i cant do anything...stuff is so blocked up and i dont understand portugese.
I HAVE PRAYER CALUSES...patches of dry skin on my knees where i everybody sending things to the mission now? i hope so because that is the fastest way...i think we are going to eat chiausciria soon...rodizio...but like native...they are every where down here....RICE AND BEANS ARE the ctm the were not as much to tell you so little time....i dont know...have fun in wyoming...your getting warm im getting cold...but its good..."

Cordially...future dwight(that was for you abi)

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Welcome to Santa Maria!

I found these pictures on they all come from
Santa Maria, Brazil. Enjoy!!
Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul BRAZIL
Roping Guacho Style
We teased Jed that he was going to the Wyoming of Brazil.
I don't think we were too far off !
Cattle Drive!
This is called Two Men in Black and Green I think it looks like two Elders!
When it is larger you can tell they definately have suits & white shirts on.
Jed officially spent last night and today in Santa Maria. He will likely have been assigned his first area and companion today. I was pretty sure we wouldn't hear from him this week and not knowing what day is p-day is I'm not sure when we'll hear from him. Keep him in your prayers. If it comes true like all foreign speaking missionaries have said, I'm sure by now he's wondering what language it was that they taught him in the MTC! Mola Feliz!

Happy Spring! Although spring is a cruel joke in Wyoming. We are in a winter storm adivsory until Friday. We could have as much as 12 inches of snow by Friday! YIKES!