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Monday, December 15, 2008

38 degrees Celsius (100 F)

It totally was really hot this week...REALLY REALLY HOT!

But it was a good week. Really it was.

Transfers are coming up on the 30th. I’ve kinda been thinking about those. Don’t think I’ll stay in Sao Pedro by the stuff President Myrrha told me. I really don’t know...we’ll see. I know I need to forget them and get to work.

Today we are going to see the big rock...or Pedra Grande. It’s a rock with Indian paintings on it about 20km outside of Sao Pedro. We’re going with our Branch President. I’m super excited! I’ll send you pictures next’ll be awesome! guys as a family are doing great! I get e-mail every single week...this is good...don’t worry about it. When people send me letters it’s hard for me to write back to them. I do it it’s just hard...I don’t know why.

Got my backpack Tuesday.

So it really is true...without Christmas there would be no Easter. Christmas is important...really important...if we stay with the focus and not with the papai noel!(that’s Santa Claus in Portuguese)

So it turns out I think I’ll be talking to you guys at Presidente Ngelos house...(branch president) I’ll get the details and you’ll know.

Wow this year has shot in two months I’ll have one year in the in one week I’ll be 20...WHY DOES TIME SHOOT BY SO FAST!?

But the work is coming good...thank you all for your prayers and love.

I love you all


Elder Jed Breinholt

We are just the opposite here in Wyoming. Right now it is -21. We are breaking all kinds of records. At least the wind has died down we had a -45 wind chill Saturday night. Bundle up stay inside and make hot chocolate! The kids even have a 2 hour delay for school this morning because of the cold.

**Update** School is CLOSED because it is so cold. Anyone up for a visit? See you soon Elisabeth and Bobby!


Peggy said...

Lis and Bobby will really enjoy the cold after spending Thanksgiving in Phoenix!!! Hope the weather clears up and they can have clear sailing from SLC to Gillette. Love Jed's blog, thanks for keeping it updated.

Amy said...

I think you have every right to tell Angela to stop whining about how "cold" it is in PHX! (although I think I was guilty of the same thing when I lived down there)

Tell Jed hi when you talk to him & let him know how much I love reading your blog updated from his emails. I'm so proud of him & seriously...time does fly, because I think it was yesterday that he was Jack's age :-)

Breinholt Family said...

It was just yesterday!!!