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Monday, June 2, 2008

SURPRISE! SURPRISE! 2 e-mails in one day!

What a surprise when I checked my email this afternoon and found this!

"I have a little time this about pres. monson and elder nelsons talks:
pres. Monson: talked about the temple of course...talked about families being sealed in the temple...told a story about a patriarch in europe, named percy fester. that when the iron curtain was up there was a family of latter-day saints trapped in poland...and he went and gave patriarcal blessings to the family...and when he returned to salt lake he came to president monson and said something to the effect of: elder monson...i´ve done something those patriarcal blessings i promised things that can´t be fullfilled...but they were...and when the family moved to west germany...they went to the Bern temple...and the temple president was there to greet them...It was Brother Fester!!!! he told another story about a family in south africa...that was saving up money to go to the temple...this was before there was a temple in south africa...the 4 little girls asked him questions for 3 hours about the temple...and when he left the youngest girl said "We´ll see you in the temple" and a year later he met them and sealed them as a family in the salt lake temple...
now about elder nelsons talk: also was about the temple...
he talked about the ordinances of the temple...he talked about how before the Savior opened a way to teach the dead...ordaninces were only done for the living...and now they can be done for the dead...he also talked about how the temple fulfills the purpose of the creation...and without temples the entire earth would be uterly wasted...he also talked about the sacredness of the temple...and when Jesus clensed the temple the first time he called it my fathers house...the second time he said my house...and when they had further desecrated it he called it their house... all in all it was a really good talk...
i´m glad i had the opportunity to participate in a temple dedication...because i don´t get the opportunity to go to the temple during my mission...and the chapel had the same holiness as the temple yesterday...revelation was received...and my testimony is stronger than ever...i love this church...this gospel...i know it is the only way we can return to live with our Father in Heaven again...
because i forgot in my e-mail earlier...

i have photos for your birthdays i will try to send them next week...if i can´t i´ll go snail mail!...and for the rest of you...have a good week the church is true...i know it with all my heart...thats why i am here in brazil!
(This is in reference to him misspelling his name in the letter he sent with his cartoon portrait on it)
Is this a great kid or what! I truly feel so blessed to be his mother. He was born with a testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and has been an example of unwavering faith for me his whole life.

Curitiba Brazil Temple Dedication

The dedication of the Curitiba Temple was yesterday, was really good understood almost all...there was a talk given by one of the area presidency...he talked about problems of the it being too far away...and two...too close...let me explain...when you have a temple really think to yourself "i can go anyday" and you don´t...he talked about making a go to the temple...put it in your is a blessing...btw...his entire talk was in portuguese but i understood all of it :)

Are you getting your daily dose of bifitus regularus? nope...sorry (That question was from Abi)
How are things going? so good....this week has been filled with so many spiritual experences(why yes i do know it is spelled wrong, i forgot my own language!)

How is the investigator pool right now? a whole lot better... we have found a family of a mother and spiritual...i feel they will be baptized...

What did you get at Zone Conference? got my 2 mission ties packages...letters from grandma/julie. grampa. elder eck and elder vanmeetern...and one from elder gardner from the mtc...already has 8 baptisims...yup...but this next sunday is transfers...basically here is what happens...everyone who is getting transferred converges on santa maria...gets letters and such...and i will get all my letters that were sent to the mtc...and will be good...

The language is doing better...the church is true...even here in the wyoming of brazil...but i have to go week maybe pictures...and i will write more about the temple dedication...pres. monson and elder nelson gave great talks (in english with interpreters) that were just awesome about the temple...oh yeah...turns out the music rule in the south dakota rapid city mission is now here...yep...i´m glad i have all that church material!!!!!
But love you all tons...