The Davis County Crew - Elders Buttersworth, Breinholt, Ball and Taylor

The countdown is on to February 17, 2010!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Goose Muffins?

WOW, this week has been a heck of a thrill ride. It’s been extremely fun with Elder Wilson. We had a scare this week that we weren’t going to be companions for the rest of my mission, but everything resolved itself yesterday when he talked to President and we’re back in business. WE ARE TIGHT! I’m pretty sure it will be like Dad & Dennis Massey, except we were actually companions HA HA HA!

So you totally made my day by saying that were getting Marshmallow Mateys. Cereal is expensive down here so that will be a blessing. CHRISTMAS IS GOING TO BE TOTALLY COOLER THIS YEAR! Me and Elder Wilson are going to make it as such.

We will be getting out of the office within the next week so I’ll keep you posted just know that it’s winding down fast and is super fun. Sorry it’s short, I just don’t got no cool news.

Love you all,

Elder Jed Breinholt

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

2 months, 2 weeks, 2 days!

Holy Cow! Can it really be! 2 months, 2 weeks and 2 days left! I don't know about the rest of you but the past 2 years have FLOWN by for me!

Here is an excerpt from Jed's current companion Elder Wilson's letter to his family this past week. I met Elder Wilson's mom MichaelAnn when she found Jed's blog last June. Elder Wilson had only been out a very short time, about a month I think, when she found it and asked some questions about sending packages.

"According to the information that i have received directly from President Myrrha that i could be transfered within a week to a different area, cause Elder Breinholt (my new companion who is basically the coolest elder on the mission) is like the techie guy and he is cleaning up the computers in the office and saving what we need to transfer to the new computers when they get here."

Yea we think he's pretty cool too!