The Davis County Crew - Elders Buttersworth, Breinholt, Ball and Taylor

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Hey Fam!

This week we had Zone Conference it was good...about listening to the spirit...learned a was really good! I’ll answer some questions and then if there is anything else I’ll write.

For Mom:

1. Did you receive the Wards package to you? was good...Thank you everyone!

2. I’m sending your package this week anything else you want? Do you want me to send you a card for your camera? Card...2 gigs is the max... and a card reader please! Chocolate chips would be good...a big bag! And if there is a way for you guys to send me shortening...that’s one thing that I haven’t found here is shortening. Last Sunday I made bread...turned out decent but I didn’t have there a way to make shortening?

3. Is it still Hot, Hot, Hot? Is it ever! I’m sweating like a pig!

4. Have you played soccer with the Elders in Artigas yet? Are there Americans there too and where are they from? No...And everyone that I have met over there is American...everyone! But I got a Spanish grammar book to start learning Spanish...from Elder Plumb from California!

5. How are you and Elder Rocha getting along? Yeah...we have our ups and downs but it’s

8. I would love more pictures!!! I need a card reader

9. Where is Elder Mathis from? SANDY Utah!

For Dad:

The city (Artigas, Uruguay) on the other side of the border looks even larger than the one you are in. How many wards or branches are over there? And are they branches or wards? (You said the church is pretty strong there.) It’s a Stake with wards over there...I don’t know the exact number...I’ll ask!

I would think that the units over there are in a different Stake/District. Is this true? Yeah they’re in a different area of the Seventy too! The South America South Area here in Brazil, but Quarai was already part of the Uruguay mission...a long time ago!

Do you just walk across the border are do you have to show your passport? Just walk. Uruguay is really lax about stuff like that. When you fly that is where they are strict...have to have your passport and stuff. But to walk you got nothing I don’t even have my’s in Santa Maria!

You talked about Gaspar and Carla. How are they progressing? Are they your only investigators? How many more do you have? Beautifully! Gaspar was at church this week...rode his bike...he’s already asking about baptism and if he has to be married...great experiences this week! Here in Brazil you find a lot of people that are just living together it’s kinda difficult in that respect. The reason word...MONEY. It’s expensive to get married so people just don’t. We are teaching a lot but Gaspar and Carla have the most potential.

Anyway Zone Conference was really good! Really really good! I learned a lot! The spirit really is a complicated thing to listen to but study brings understanding!

I love you all and pray for your success!

Elder Jed Breinholt