The Davis County Crew - Elders Buttersworth, Breinholt, Ball and Taylor

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Dear family, this week has been especially good,

I finally started progressing again! It's awesome! It's a good feeling to start having success again...this week has been full of some good experiences... but I'll answer the questions and then tell you some other stuff...

1. Companion - how's it going? its going pretty good i guess...up and downs... but over all its going good...

2. Weather - Are you staying warm? every now and again...ok just kidding, yes i am staying warm. today is really rainy and i forgot my im wet...

3. Testimony - How has it grown and changed this transfer? i have found that the more obedient i am the more power i have to do be even more obedient...its a good thing

4. Father's Day - was yesterday. FYI! i didn't even know! weird huh?! fathers day is in august down i dont know about anything...but happy fathers day dad!

5. Investigators - How are they progressing? we have some investigators that are progressing rather is jos(joseph) he's in the millitary and was a refferal from our branch mission leader...good kid...came to church this week

6. Branch Members - How do they do feeding you? good...we have rice and beans almost every day!

but i love you all and thanks for the news...

Elder Jed Breinholt