The Davis County Crew - Elders Buttersworth, Breinholt, Ball and Taylor

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Monday, January 19, 2009


This week has been pretty good. Filled with lots of walking and hurt feet. But they´re getting better! This week has been filled with a many challenges and many miracles. We taught a lot of lessons.

Right now we´re teaching Gaspar and Carla, I don’t know if I already told you about them. What an amazing family. Gaspar takes care of horses for some guy and lives on this farm the farthest house from the center of the city in our area...WAY IN THE BOONDOCKS. Elder Rocha found them through Carla on the bus. Really this family is awesome. Last week they came to church. We hadn´t even taught them The Restoration. Gaspar woke up at 5:00 instead of his usual 7:00 to go to church and then they came in a taxi. All of our lessons with them are really spiritual...we´ll see!

So I was thinking what else I wanted and I decided I want one of those measuring cups like the pampered chef one we have that does liquid and solids. I’ve started cooking a lot more and everything is in metric so I need some stuff in both. It’s hard to find here in Brazil. Also I want measuring spoons.

Zone Conference is Thursday...should be good.

The Eders in the picture are me, Elder Mathis, Elder Felix and Elder Ferreira. In the birthday photo are Pres. Angelo, Lerri, me and Elder Ferreira. Have fun! Talk to you all next week...

Jed Breinholt

Who are in the pictures...

Jed, Elder Mathis, Elder Felix and Elder Ferreira
Sao Pedro Branch President Angelo, Lerri, Jed and Elder Ferreira