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Monday, August 17, 2009

Book of Mormon Challenge!

I'm gonna do it in Portuguese! It's gonna be sweet!
This is Jed's response to the challenge that was issued to our ward yesterday by our Bishop. Start today August 17 and read 2 chapters a day in the Book of Mormon and you'll finish by
Christmas with a few days to spare. We hope you'll join us!


This week has been really good...

Last night we had a fireside with President and Sister Myrrha it was really good. President talked about how much we need the members, and how when we work together we'll have a much brighter future...and a lot more growth. They also talked about their families and how the church has affected them. Sister Myrrha’s parents converted but Presidents never have. He’s the only one that’s a member. Their stories are completely different.

So the fireside was really good. I dressed up like Noah and we got references...or "invitations to enter the ark". Over all it was really good...send you pictures...later.

Transfers are coming here pretty soon. This transfer has gone by really fast...and the fact that the Sister that went to the CTM with me is going home...makes me feel old.

Brodie Rice has come also makes me feel old.

When is Elder Eck gonna visit?

26th Anniversary eh? Ok now I feel super old! Because I remember one time when you guys had your 15th anniversary! Weird!

For my next package I don’t really have any ideas right now but I’ll keep you informed...Ho Ho’s would be good.

Love you all ,

Elder Jed Breinholt