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Monday, June 1, 2009


Dear Family,

This week has been super cold…especially yesterday, super freezing. But this week was really good.

I was excited to here about dads new calling…Bishop Pai (that’s dad in Portuguese (it’s pronounced like pie)) but yeah it'll be good. Now is the chance to get the ward excited about missionary work. But first get excited as a family. Make sure you keep in contact with the missionaries. It's always a good thing when the Bishop is your friend as a missionary…it helps a lot!

I have some stuff to send home. I'll try to get a box put together. Question…can you put more hand warmers in a box? (It’s soo cold) And I’ve forgotten to tell you but you can definitely start to send stuff flat rate…its not a big deal…it sits in the office for a long time anyway…and plus you can send a lot more for the same price your paying now. Another pair of pants would be good… dark…I’ve just worn through my pants…more than a year on the mission! SEE TITLE FOR ANOTHER THING I NEED!

But yeah for Annie: GO AND HAVE FUN! And not get an efy boyfriend...NO GOOD! It should be good for you Annie, and who knows, next summer when you go up I’ll be there! Obey the rules and listen to the talks and make it one of the most spiritual weeks you’ve ever had!

But that’s about all… have fun everyone…and never forget to GIVE THE MISSIONARIES FOOD/REFERALS! That now is the Breinholt family slogan…I decided just now…I made an executive decision!

Love you all and have a good week…and send me a picture of the new chapel!

Elder Jed Breinholt
Here are a couple of pictures he sent this week. They are both from Quarai his last area.

As you can read in this post Tracy was called as the new Bishop in our ward. He will do a great job. He's overwhelmed right now but as soon as the ward is organized with callings (we lost about 1/3 of our ward to the boudary changes) he'll feel better I'm sure. This means that my time as Relief Society President will come to an end soon so a new calling for me is on the horizon.