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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Best Two Years!

You know the part in this movie when Elder Calhoun starts talking to a guy in Dutch and the guy doesn't speak Dutch because he's an American? Well Jed had that experience last Friday in Sao Paulo, only the guy was an on...

"when we were proselyting on friday we were trying to talk to everyone...but you gotta understand there is alot of people, anyway... we went up to this one guy and he started to wave us off and said "i don´t speek any portugese" and i said sweet neither do we started talking to this guy and it turns out he´s an aussie...start talking to him about why he´s in brazil and things like that and ask him if we can share a message...he says yeah we start sharing the restoration...then this brazilian guy comes up and asks us if we are religious missionaries...i tell him yeah...and he says "do you mind if i share a different view?" i told him yeah sure...and goes off on this peter was the real betrayer kick...something about peter having people pay to see jesus...weird things like that...anyway so he then goes off on jesus was not the son of god...and i testified to him that i know jesus was the son of god...anyway then i gave him a book of mormon...and he told me to write my e-mail in it so he could e-mail me what he problem...i wrote down the wrong e-mail...the e-mail i wrote down for him was to bad you can´t even create an e-mail address for that...anyway but he told me that he would read it...we kept talking and then this lady walked up...and she started screaming at us in portugese...the aussie asked the brazi what she was saying...he said she was saying something about in order to accept jesus into our hearts we have to have a house and cars and nice things...the brazi started yelling at her about how she was crazy...things like that...its was total craziness...i didnt even know what to think. but it was a good experience and im glad it was all in day i´ll be able to converse in portugese...there was alot of crazy stuff two missionaries got "monked" basicly a monk in full monk get-up yelled at them and told them something about the church of satan...i dont was in portugese. "

your favorite missionary
Elder Jed Breinholt...3 weeks to go!
ps...i do want pictures of the crash!

I guess I'll send him the pictures of the totaled Durango :(

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