The Davis County Crew - Elders Buttersworth, Breinholt, Ball and Taylor

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Monday, December 8, 2008

Very good week everybody!

Pikes Place Fish Market

This week was Zone was really good!

We talked about Pikes Place Fish Market and how they do something different and how they’re world famous because of it and what we can do with the Book of Mormon to make people want to read it more. It was a really good conference.

Christmas is coming! Here’s some calling instructions...only 40 minutes this time(ask the missionaries to show you the missionary handbook)…so that’s why. You’ll call me, I don’t know where yet. We need to find a member that will let us use their phone. I’ll e-mail you in the future about this.

This week I made a line graph of my numbers for the week. I highly recommend it to missionaries. It shows you a lot of stuff that you can do better. Do just your key indicators and total lessons including less-actives.

I’m doing great. I Can Totally Focus Now without problem.

The package was question though...Why Catapult guns?
(He’ll know when he and his companion open up the Christmas stockings I sent and there are little Ninjas and Pirates that they can catapult 15-20 feet! Just some good missionary fun! The guns were too hard to wrap.)

That would be great about the testimonies.
(Elder Oliveria is going to translate our testimony into Portuguese and I'm going to print them ready to be glued into Books of Mormon or is it Book of Mormons! ha ha)

This part is for Elder Oliveira....Tudo Bom? Cara...Como est a trabalho l? indo bem? Cara tenho um Monte de Referencias eu posso dar...mas acho que j dei...fala com minha irm quando ela chega em casa...Abi...sobre indo para falar com algums de meus amigos...SERIA BOM DE MAIS! S Vai! cara se tem alguma coisa eu posso fazer ajudar vocs...Ideas, Qual quer coisa...s fala com minha me...Tchau meu irmo no senhor.
(Elder Oliveria is serving in our ward right now he is from Boston but was born in Brazil and moved to the US when he was 11 or 12.)

I know its short but we still gotta do lots of stuff today. But I will talk to you all later...and send pictures...too!

Elder Jed Breinholt