The Davis County Crew - Elders Buttersworth, Breinholt, Ball and Taylor

The countdown is on to February 17, 2010!

Monday, February 9, 2009


I'm working like there's no tomorrow. 37 lessons this week 4 people in Sacrament Meeting.

I've learned this transfer to recognize the Lords hand a lot more. It's crazy how many miracles are wrought in the mission.

Thanks for the talk. I liked the story about your mission. What other stories do you have from your mission? I'm interested to hear them, you never really talked about your mission in depth when I was at home. I really liked your talk. That's one thing I've learned how to do on the mission better...write talks.

Tracy sent Jed a copy of a talk he gave yesterday on the Word of Wisdom.

Anyway this week is really without many surprises or new things. Gaspar and Carla are progressing, and we have a baptisim lined up for this saturday...fabrisio is his name he is a good kid.

So that's my life right now...learning alot!

Elder Jed Breinholt

Love you All