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Monday, February 23, 2009

Mother I Love You, Mother I Do!

Dear Dad,

Your e-mail this week really was exactly what I was needing.

Yesterday we had a great experience with a lady named Marialea. We challenged her for baptism on March 7th. She is the mother of a member here and we’ve been teaching her ever since I got here. She was really active in another church, but after her son got baptized she felt confused. She felt good when she came to our church. One of the problems she had with her other church was that no one would visit her from the church, so she felt a little lonely. We started visiting her with members, WHAT GREAT SUCCESS! Now she rarely misses a Sunday at church. The problem was she wasn’t feeling ready for baptism. Last night we went there and asked her the baptismal interview questions. After that we told her what she answered was exactly right and challenged her. It was so great. We also had the confirmation of Fabricio, our baptism 2 weeks ago, that was also good. The work is moving forward. We are getting ready for the marriage of Gaspar and Carla, things are getting under way on that....YAY!

This week, Thursday to be exact I will have one year in the mission. This week we also have a conference with one of the Area Seventies in Brazil it should be good. It couldn’t come at a better time, a super recharge.

Remember Zone Conferences and how you come away feeling on fire ready to baptize everyone. Now imagine with an Area Seventy! This is the perfect time for this to happen.

I’d really like to know some of the ideas you used on your mission (or saw used) to find new people to teach, besides knocking doors. And maybe some funny stories that have to do with that. (Ok all you cousins that are RM's post a comment about the above and I'll send them on to him)

I will talk to you next Monday and talk about my resolve to do better.

Love your one year old son,

Elder Jed Breinholt

(2 letters this week)

Ok, so I wrote a lot to Dad...but I‘ll write about the questions to you.

This week we are going to get our mail and stuff. So I’ll get my package then.

Pao de Queijo by nature is salty. I’m sure they turned out awesome! But by all means try them again and again and again!

This week has been unbelievably hot and humid. The past 4 days it has rained at night, it’s a good thing it was at night.

I’m going to start a list for my next package. Don’t worry when you send it just so you know.

Barbeque sauce - There is a member that served in Boston here and he wants bbq sauce, peanut butter and such.

Scripture markers - Those simple ones I have and I would also like an all in one. (You can find them at Seagull Book) You mark a lot of scriptures in one year. Even more if you have two sets of scriptures.

I had a whole list of stuff in one of my planners...but this is a start.

The branch is good...growing a lot...we (me and Elder Trindade) are doing good. We've caught the wave in this branch. I hope we can keep it going!

I love you mom and the rest of the fam!

Elder Jed Breinholt

p.s. Ask Elder Oliveira what his first name is...for this member...and ask him if he remembers meeting an Elder de Juli that served 2001-2002 in Boston. He never served in the Portuguese branches but says he knew a lot of Portuguese speaking members.

Do you have a recipe for cheesecake...there is a Brazilian that wants it!

Love you

Elder Elvis Jed Breinholt

The Last Link!

Here is the last link of the chain!! Year One is Done!

Next week we start taking two marbles from the glass each week, when it's empty he's home!