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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Portuguese Lesson Enclosed...

Dear family

Today was transfers, and nothing will happen with me! I’m remarkably happy, this way I get to see the fruits of my labors here in Quarai. This week I was thinking about how you guys must be pronouncing this name so I’ll help. It’s pronounced Quad-i-e (note the I and the E are both long sounds) I hope that helped.

Sunday will be the marriage of Gaspar to Carla and the baptism of Gaspar so that will be really good. If you want to get them a hymn book the family name will be Família dos Santos.

Anyway so yeah, about Mothers Day I don’t even know if I’ll be here in Quarai then so well see here in a few weeks 6 to be exact.

Why did nobody tell me that Elisabeth and Bobby will be going to Virginia? I knew that they were still looking.

Anyway other than that there hasn’t really been a lot of stuff new this week turned out to be kinda boring but it’s been good over-all really.

So that’s my life and I love it!

Love you all,

Elder Jed Breinholt
Sorry it’s so short...more next week! Lots of good stuff will happen this week!

P.S. Sorry about the late post this week we've been without internet for 2 days. We have been literally snowed into our house for two days and Tracy and I went out for the first time today. It was awful! School has been cancelled and Tracy's office closed Monday and Tuesday and school is also cancelled tomorrow. No school tomorrow because most of the neighborhood streets are just one lane and the busses won't be able to run. We only got about 8-10 inches but the wind blows it into drifts that are 8-10 feet high in front of peoples houses and in the middle of roads. And on the lawn we have hardly any in the back yard. It's crazy! Our house was spared this time but our street and the house next door were not quite so lucky! So, 3 snow days in one week. Both Ben and Annie said at dinner tonight that they were ready to go back to school. I wonder if it had anything to do with me making them clean their rooms and bathrooms this morning! Hmmmm what can I get them to do tomorrow!
This is the drift looking up our street it's about 7-8 feet high!

This is the house next door.
They always get plastered with that big drift.
Sometimes it continues across the yards and across our
driveway but this time we were lucky.