The Davis County Crew - Elders Buttersworth, Breinholt, Ball and Taylor

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Hello people of the great white hat of America! (joke about Canada)

Hello Family...
This week has been crazy...really. Saturday we had another baptism it was good. We also had an activity with the new Joseph Smith movie. Elder J. Silva got a copy I don´t know how because no one here has ever seen it. Anyway it's been a fairly good week thanks everybody for your prayers. Like I said we moved to the other apartment and like I said it's a dungeon. We had a few very humid days and everything...EVERYTHING...started to mold bad news bears. So this morning we started cleaning...heavily...because Sister Myrrha most likely will be here Thursday to I will get you Elder Cordeiro´s address next week. And I will tell you where I am going next week, because really I think that I am getting well see next Monday. Well that's been my week.

I am reading the Book of Mormon by the Portuguese...yay!!!! (We read the Book of Mormon as a family from August - December every year. Want to join us? We are on 1Nephi 15 as of today. Read 2 chapters 6 times a week and you'll finish by Christmas with us!)

So Abi turned to the dark side, did she? (Abi bought an Apple Computer!!)

Well that's my life as a missionary. Have a great week everybody. This computer that I am using doesn't have a CD so no pictures this week...almost didn't have them last week...the cd wouldn't open...then a miracle happened...YAY!!!! So that's how I roll!

Goodbye all! I love you all...
Elder Jed Breinholt