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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Sao Paulo Temple

São Paulo Temple

well this last week has been crazy go nuts...we went proselyting on friday...i was scared out of my mind, willardson did everything...we do it again on friday...hopefully i´ll be we went to the são paulo was beautiful...really it was. mail was on strike yesterday and this morning...its weird...i haven´t got my package yet but i might soon..."

Many of you have heard about our little accident coming home from Utah last Sunday. This was Jed's response to that:
"HOLY CRAP! THAT IS SO CRAZY!!! i´m glad that everyone is alright...i want you to know that i prayed for your safety like crazy...i´m so thankful to the Lord for His protection of my loved ones..."

Jed answers our questions. He is really good at it. He just cuts & pastes our questions to his e-mail then answers them. However, that is mostly what his e-mail is. If we didn't ask questions his e-mail would be less than a paragraph! I think next week I won't ask any questions and see how long it is. Here are some of the answers to our questions:
"What are you doing for exercise in the CTM? running...spinning...some stuff like that
What are your Sundays like both in schedule and feelings of the day? sundays are a very nice day...we have sacrament meeting and regular like church. then alot of freetime...its nice we also get to see a "film" mostly they are old devotionals from the provo mtc...but they're good.
What will you do for General Conference? Will they broadcast it in the CTM for you? yes they will...we get everything in english...priesthood will be on sunday morning...i am so excited! "

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