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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Jed's First E-mail

We received our first e-mail from Jed this morning. While in the CTM in Sao Paulo he can receive e-mail from us and send e-mail to us only. It was great to literally hear his voice and feel his excitement as we read it. Yes it made us cry! Here are a few excerpts:

dear family...I AM IN BRAZIL! it is great...i love the ctm. today was our first p-day. it was awesome...we went to the campinas temple that was so cool. i miss you all so much. i have not had any mail at all...there is so much fruit...its everywhere. i eat guava every meal its my new favorite fruit. everything is so green here...lots of vegitation. portugese is a difficult language to learn but he lord is helping me. anyway...i miss you all so much and i will talk to you soon.

your favorite servant of the lord,
Elder Jed Breinholt

I only cut out some information about mailing stuff to him the rest is word for word letter for letter and misspellings and grammatical errors exactly from his e-mail. I found out today that the road that the Campinas Temple is on is named after Elder Faust. Many of you will know that Elder Faust served his mission in Brazil and lived in Sao Paulo for many years as a General Authority. He held the honorary title of "Citizen of Sao Paulo" granted him by the City Council. Pretty cool!

We have mailed him several letters he hopefully will get them in the next day or so. We also signed up for a service that lets us e-mail letters to them and they print them and mail them to the CTM. They have an office right across the street from the CTM so hopefully he'll get a letter tomorrow.

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