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Monday, November 17, 2008

I am so sorry everyone...

Last week was crazy! There seriously was no time to do anything. We were in Santa Maria and weren’t close to an internet place.

Today was transfers. I will be getting a new companion here in Sao Pedro. I can’t tell you his name because Pres. Myhrra doesn’t even know who it will be yet. Tomorrow the new missionaries will arrive and Wednesday morning I will short...I will be training a new missionary.

I have paused lately to reflect on how fast the mission is going by! 8 months! I was looking at my pictures of me and Elder Cordeiro...and it’s hard to believe that I will be in his position training a new missionary. At least he will be a Brazilian that will know Portuguese. Elder Abreu will be going to Sao Gabriel...the other area...not the one where I was! But he’ll know a lot of people I knew. So that’s pretty cool.

I have some pictures to send... One is of me and Elder Santana...eating pancakes. The other is of our zone soccer team...we won by-the-way. The back of my shirt says Breinholtch...tch is like dude here in the south of Brazil!

The work is good I guess. My teaching pool has gone to zero really fast. But with this excited greenie we will fill it back BAPTIZE!!!

I didn’t get my shoes yet...hopefully tomorrow...I really need them!

I know it’s not a very long e-mail but Elder Abreu needs to say goodbye to some people.

I love you all and will have lots to write about next week