The Davis County Crew - Elders Buttersworth, Breinholt, Ball and Taylor

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Monday, August 11, 2008

chamados a servir - "Called to Serve"

Sao Gabriel Branch Building

Hello family...this week has been crazy...
First we had zone conference on Tuesday....funny story...
I was talking to a certain elder laney...and he asked me where i was from...and what mission i lived in...then asked me if i knew elder eck...turns out they're from the same ward... so we had some good times talking about him...the office...laser cats...abi you understand... anyway so wrote him a letter too

Got your letters...didn't understand the letter from abi and stephane...was i supposed to?
Thursday we the dungeon...its not that bad i guess...closer to the church(see picture)
Saturday had another baptism...of a 12 year old kid.
I don't have really alot of time...p-day is already over...know that i love you all and wish for your success.
Dont have pictures of the baptisms yet!...will send week i will know if i am getting transfered or not...
That's all for this week...I'll write better next week.
The other photo is me saying "wyoming again!" amo vocĂȘs!
As best as I can translate using Babel Fish this says "Goodbye...I love you all" I love seeing him this is the first picture we have had for months! It makes me miss him. Elder Eck is one of our favorite missionaries here in our mission.