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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Why Does it always gotta rain!?

Hey Family...

This week has been full of challenges but it's been good.

Let me give y'all the down low and what my life has been like these past few weeks.

Yes it has been hot but now, due to the rain that always seems to fall on our p-day, it has started to cool down. This makes it rather difficult to take advantage of the day. Makes for a rather inconvenient day but what can you do. As for that cats, it's been an epidemic, a tragedy, hundreds of cats bursting into flames when they step out onto the street. Poor kitties good thing the rain has come to save them.

Speaking of that, we are trying to reactivate a family of cat people, they are half cat, half person, it’s pretty weird, I made a tuna casserole for them they loved it.

Ok totally just kidding, but we're working with a family that really likes cats. They actually have 15 in their house and 4 dogs. Now I know why you don't like pets Mom! Mother in her infinite wisdom! But it’s going good with them. We’ve had some very spiritual lessons with them, it’s been good.

Elder Hills name has been changed... to Elder Cody. I'll tell you why, here in the mission we already have an Elder Hill and so just like The Highlander, there can only be one, so his name was changed.

My allergies are out full fledged, what’s worse is that now when I take medicine my nose dries out and I get a nose bleed. I’ve decided to just bear with the allergies, my ancestors did it!

Tell Ben to stop doing weight lifting...NOW! If not he'll turn into a meat head, Crazy Ben! No but seriously, my little bro is gonna be ripped! I bet I can still take him!

Thanks for the updates but BTW WHEN DID OUR WARD GET SISTERS!!!!!!!!??!??!?!??!!?
That’s gotta be weird...

But life has been pretty hectic for me...

The office is also going well, currently I’m finishing up with re-editing and re-designing the mission orientation book, which has been going good. I’ve learned a lot about Microsoft Publisher and realized that I really like to use it. I think we have it, don’t we?

I also have been having a project to clean out the computers. Missionary computers are a mess, transfers come and stuff gets left on the computers, so it’s really stressful with that. I think we just need to implement inventory scans and what’s not in the inventory... DELETE. We have an inventory program I’m just going to see about using it.

Anyway so turns out that I’m also excited to come home so I can try out windows 7, seems to be really cool, it’s got a Mac OS feel to it, let’s just hope it’s more stable.

So that’s been my life, I hoped you all liked the picture from last’s a keeper.

Loves yas!

tchau fam

Elder Jed Breinholt

p.s. The blackout didn’t come down this far!
But Paraguay was out like a light…literally…ha ha ha!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Lots of falling water!

Dear Family...

This week has been pretty good. At the beginning of the week it was super hot and now it has cooled down. It is rainning a lot. Elder Hill went on exchanges with the zone leaders this week. I think it was really good for him, he hasn't had another area to compare to where we are working now, so now he does. It was good for him.

I'm super busy in the office, getting the mission orientation book taken care of. That has been some hard work. But it's given me a lot of practice with microsoft publisher. I like doing graphics design it's fun.

Today we will be moving to another house, a better house, one with a huge washing machine and dryer...WOOT! So that's what we spent the morning doing, taking apart beds and such.

What else...we're working right now with a kid named Rafael. He's good, he just needs to wake up on Sunday morning to go to church.

But I gotta go move. I hope you guys like the much water!

Love you all,

Talk to you all next Saturday!
Elder Jed Breinholt