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Thursday, March 27, 2008

The German just might come in handy.

I got a message from a Mom on the Missionary Mom e-mail group and this is what she said about her son and the German Immigrants in the South of Brazil.

"One of the cities he served in was Panambi. It is mostly German immigrants. They all speak Portuguese but they must also speak German. My son struggled with the language a little and one day they were teaching a lady there and she could not understand him and asked him if he spoke German. So I think your sons German will come in handy. "

Wouldn't it be great if Jed came home fluent in Portuguese and German!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Fingerprinted...just in case!

Jed went to the policia federal (police station) to get fingerprinted today just in case he commits a crime in Brazil. Last Wednesday myldsmail was down and that is why no e-mail last week. He got the package I sent to him on Saturday and asked for more fruit snacks. I told you all that fruit snacks are on the bottom of the food pyramid for him! Here is a paragraph from his e-mail:

ok... now on to my life...this last week i have been thinking "i wish i would have gone state-side or at least english speaking" cause seriously...i just want to go to work...the mtc is not where it´s at...the languge is not coming as easy as i would have kills me...every day. other than that things are going pretty good...i´m seriously tired all the time...all of it! comp is great...were working really well together. last week we got brazillian roomates...thats a is from santa maria and the other one listens to punk music...the one from santa maria doesnt speak a lick of english...but he´s really smart with the gospel...the other one...we just constantly brawl...he calls me nerd and i call him feio...these things happen...anyway...i have been here a really has flown by...i really want to be out in the field...not here...any way...funny story...the other night i did dream in portugese...couldn´t understand a word of it...nothing...whatever...

Feio is ugly in Portugese. Thank goodness for Babel Fish! He's been in the MTC 1 month today. Again today we were able to e-mail back and forth a bit this morning and he said that the homesickness comes and goes but overall he is not homesick which was good to hear. It's good to hear that he is so ready to be out in the field teaching.

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Monday, March 24, 2008

No E-mail This week! What's with that?

We did not get an e-mail from Jed last Wednesday. My only guess is that he knew we were in Utah all week. With no internet service at Mom's house in SLC it took me until I was in Layton on Thursday afternoon to check it. Thanks Nanette! I was really sad! I did get notice from the Post Office that the package I sent him arrived on Saturday. It was quite pricey to send. $42.00 to send $20.00 in stuff! But worth it he needed a light windbreaker jacket so I went to the local Wal-mart (because it's between that and K-mart here in Gillette!) and picked him up one. I also sent Girl Scout Cookies (Thin Mints of course), Fruit snacks (bottom of the food pyramid according to Jed) and Starburst Jelly Beans (his favorite jelly beans for easter).