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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

March 12, 2008

Campinas Brazil Temple
Campinas is a suburb north of Sao Paulo. This is
the Temple they go to each Wednesday.

Happy Birthday Grandma and Cameron!

We received an e-mail from Jed this afternoon. Tracy asked him some questions so I'm just going to post the answers to those questions.

Who is your companion? elder willardson
Where is he from? concord california (bay area)
Is he going to your same mission? no
Who are the members of your district? elder maruji. elder harris. elder barlow. elder ralphs. elder king. elder gardner and me and willardson. Are you all going to different missions? (My district in the MTC all went to my mission.)yes...our district is How is the food treating your belly? it hurts sometimes...guanana is good though How is it not being able to live on candy and such (ha)? nutella on everything. Do you have the top bunk (memory of trying to make that decision before my comp came to our room)? bottom by the window. How are your teachers? super What are there names? irmã erika and irmão barreto (pronounced like bahato) Where are they from? são paulo What missions did they serve in? minous(in the amazon) and são paulo How are you feeling about the language so far? muito bonito What have you learned new about the culture in your mission? germans are rich. gouchos too. temple session...english or portugese? usualy we had to go to a later session and it ended up being in portugese so we had to wear headphones.

doing the lords work and loving it...
your and favorite missionary...