The Davis County Crew - Elders Buttersworth, Breinholt, Ball and Taylor

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Hey family! Yesterday we had Mission Conference so that’s why I’m writing today

I’m dead some pretty inconvenient places (not what you think) the feet, the back of the legs and the back of my neck. It makes being a missionary really hard.

I hate the heat. It kills me every day. It’s not Christmas...snow is needed to have Christmas.

How was your Mission Christmas gathering? IT WAS AWESOME. Tiring but fun... the stockings were good too...full of candy...had socks in it too...weird.

But like I said I’m dead. Transfers are coming up this next week. We’ll see.
So talk to you all Thursday.

Oh about my birthday. It was good. It didn’t feel like a birthday but whatever. I guess that’s growing up. We had a Christmas fireside in Santa was good.

I love you all...Elder Jed Breinholt

Sunday the 21st was Jed's Birthday. We made a cake, had the Elders in our Ward over and celebrated! My Christmas baby just turned 20! It has been interesting week so far for me and a little emotional having his Birthday and Christmas all in one week and him gone. I'm still awaiting the details of our Christmas call. On Mothers day he called me to give me the information of when and where to call him so who knows I may hear from him today!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Mission Conference Today = P-day Tomorrow

Thanks to Elder Lee's Mom Lynn I now know why we had no e-mail today. Look for one tomorrow! Thanks for the e-mail Lynn!