The Davis County Crew - Elders Buttersworth, Breinholt, Ball and Taylor

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Monday, August 24, 2009


Hey Family,

I’m doing good! I'm not going to send pictures this week because of slow internet. I guess I’ll answer the questions and tell you that I really liked your e-mail. It’s good to know everybody is good. I taught Gospel Principles was least it wasn’t Gospel Doctrine.

I'll answer the questions:

How is your companionship? Its going alright I guess. It has its ups and downs...transfers are this week and I’ll be getting a new let’s see how it goes. I'm getting a new companion because Elder Bernardo has been here for 6 months and it's time for him to spread his wings and fly!

How is your teaching pool? We’re teaching a lot of really good people...some have a lot more potential than others but over all they're good.

How do you like being in the big city? good and bad...Santa Maria isn’t that big...but it’s the biggest city in the mission. The areas are really big and a lot of walking must be done. But I like it. The people seem to be more open in cities than outside the cities.

How is the ward? Are the members helpful? The ward is really good...the members help a lot. I don’t really know how to explain it. The wards are different than in the United States, but it’s fun.

How's the weather? Is it warming up? The weather is definitely warming up. Which is really good...the only problem is that it'll get hot this summer.

Anyway, my package got here, so don’t worry. I have a lot of pictures to send you guys so I’ll try to find a better internet place next week...

I love you all and talk to you next week!
Elder Jed Breinholt

Here is Jed's Grandma as a missionary in the Northwestern States Mission 1946-1947

We all think that Annie looks like her Grandma. What do you think?