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Monday, January 12, 2009

And they called the place QuaraĆ­!

Hello Family!

This week has been awesome! Seriously it’s been full of miracles and successes.

First let me tell you about the area a little bit...

Quarai is a small city on the border with Uruguay. Only 18,000 people or so in Quarai but the church is pretty strong here. There are 4 branches here, and it’s really close to becoming a stake. Everybody is wanting this a lot. Anyway it’s really good because we get to go into Uruguay (not too far). We get the pleasure of the duty free shops. That means some foreign things (including American) being on the border it’s good because we get to talk with the Elders in Artigas (the city in Uruguay) a lot. We’ve been there 2 weeks and I’ve seen them both times, the same ones, 8 of them. I think there’s more in Artigas. We’ll play soccer with them soon...I’ll take some pictures.

My area is the smallest in Quarai just one street (with a few side streets) but it’s long like 3 miles from one side to the other. I have some pictures but you’ll have to wait...because I need to buy a card reader...I’ll buy it next week.

Elder Rocha is good, kind of a burner...meaning he tells you how it is but it’s good for me...we’re working hard. This week we had 5 investigators in Sacrament Meeting it was good.

We’re teaching a guy named Gaspar and his family...this was our miracle this week...Gaspar, he owns a farm at the end of the main street in our area. He woke up at 5 instead of his usual 7 o’clock to be able to go to church. He took a taxi because it was really far...which is a was awesome!

Elder Breinholt

Happy Birthday!

This is the cake that the Branch Presidents wife in Sao Pedro

made for Jed's Birthday on December 21.