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Monday, April 27, 2009


I was so excited to hear that Jed was going to Sao Borja that I e-mailed Elder Lee's Mom Lynn this morning first thing and she e-mailed Matt about Jed's new area and this is what he wrote!

It is really flat here maybe one of the flattest areas in the mission. So that is nice. We have a really nice chapel that is air conditioned. It is kind of small, but nice. The member's are kind of crazy here but I think they will really like Elder Breinholt a lot. Elder Frame said that it is really good and that it is growing pretty fast and that there is a lot of help. I think this is referring to Jed's new branch.

In São Borja, there are 3 areas. The city is kind of like a strip. You have the river Uruguay. The area closest to the river is Elder Breinholt's area. His comp is Elder Marinho. He is cool. I have been in the same district as Marinho for over half of my mission. He is a different kind of character but I really like him. My new comp is Elder Abreu. He was the comp of Elder Breinholt in São Pedro do Sul. What is cool is that all four of us were in the same district in Santa Maria.

He is assigned to Ramo Passo, which means Passo Branch. He uses the same chapel as my branch. The chapel is in my area. I'd say the chapel is 15 minutes walking from their house, which is a nice house, but their branch has a bus that picks everyone up on Sundays.

Thanks Lynn!

A New Area!!

Dear Family,

Today will be kinda short. (Aren't they all lately! grrrr)

Today is transfers and I'll be going to a town called Sao Borja. It is up on the border with Argentina.

My new compainon will be Elder Marinho. This will be good because he got in the mission with me!

It'll be cool. I don't have a lot of time to write...have to pack.

It's been a good run here in Quarai.

But I gotta eat, pack and stuff...

Love you all!
Elder Jed Breinholt

This is the new chapel in Sao Borja.

Thanks to Elder Lee's website I was able to get these pictures. Elder Lee has been in Sao Borja for awhile now. I met his Mom, Lynn on a missionary mom e-mail group.