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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

esta setembro, feliz primavera! (It's September Happy Spring)

It really is allergies are killing me!!!!!! but whatever.

São Pedro is pretty good. There are hills at least! It's a city literally right next to Santa right next I mean 1 hour away. For District Meeting we go to Santa Maria. Oh and Friday I will be in the newspaper here. I will send you a copy!! I´m starting an english class here.

Elder Abreau is my new companion...uh-huh...he´s really smart...but he has some trouble communicating with people. We´ll work on that. The branch is really small, just 2-3 familes. We´ll work on that too!

I don´t have a lot to say really

I will send pictures next week...because i don´t have space to send them this week!

tchau de seu missionario no brasil....e eu vou falar com vocês proxima semana...

(Good bye from your Missionary in Brazil )