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Monday, December 29, 2008

Bom Ano Novo! Happy New Year!

I won’t write a lot... I’m going to Quarai...another smallish town with 4 branches. We’ll see how it goes...I’m excited.

My new companion will be Elder Rocha. One of Elder Abreau’s friends from back at home. We have the same amount of time in the mission. He’ll go home with me.
(Elder Abreau was Jed’s first companion in Sao Pedro)

It was really good to talk to you all...really good! I’ll send some pictures today.

Cleaning up after the flood
Christmas dinner!

Love you all...go google earth Quarai. It’s close to URUGUAY!!! I GET TO GO TO URUGUAY!

Talk to you all later!



Our call to Jed on Christmas was WONDERFUL! He told us that he would be transferred today so we were expecting it. He spent Christmas with the Branch President’s Family in Sao Pedro. He also spent his birthday last Sunday with them. The Branch Pres. Wife made him a birthday cake. They had a terrible rainstorm that flooded their apartment as you can see his companion cleaning up the floor. Jed said some of his books got wet but luckily they have dried out already. He sounded happy. He is getting a little tired of rice and beans. He loved Christmas Dinner. It was great that we were all here and could put him on speaker phone to talk. We miss him but know he is where he should be and where he wants to be.