The Davis County Crew - Elders Buttersworth, Breinholt, Ball and Taylor

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Hey Family!

This is your long lost rice and beaned son!

This week has been super good, I've been really happy this whole week. I dont know why it' s just been a really good week I guess. We had zone conference.

Got the packages. Thank you! I really like the shoes thank you. But I do have one question what's with the organic oatmeal?! No but it's good I just got a little confused as to why it's organic. The pants fit great and I like them. The Preach My Gospel is great and so is the Gospel Art Book. Great helps. But I now know that Ben likes monkeys and his handwriting is horrible! Just kidding.

The other package got here too so I'll get that sent on here soon! (A Portuguese Hymn Book with their name on it and Gospel Art Book for the dos Santos family in Quarai)

But life is really good. Jose was baptized with water and with the Holy Ghost. Good kid!

We are slowly have more and more successes here in Sao Borja. It's going good almost all of our investigators are coming from referrals its good! Really good!! Transfers are here in 2 weeks lets see what happens but I think that Ill stay!

But thats it.

Love you all!

Elder Jed Breinholt

The organic oatmeal was just a box of the different flavored packets that I bought at Costco. I tried to think of everything warm to send him. Hot chocolate, hot cider & hot oatmeal! I sent him a new Preach My Gospel in Portuguese. I took it and had the covers laminated with hard plastic then they put the spiral binding back on. He did this to his English one before he left so he asked me to do it to that one too. They are in and out of his backpack so this helps the covers last longer. I also did it to the new Gospel Art Book and sent him one of those too. We took sticky notes and put notes throughout his Preach My Gospel book I guess Ben put one in that said, "I like monkeys". He (Ben) is such a 12 year old!

As a side note on the package information, I sent it just Priority Mail not Global Express and it got there just fine. It was cheaper but I couldn't track it so it was a little scary for me. But all is well he got it just fine.