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Monday, February 2, 2009

Hey Family!

So when I read about Elder Correa and Elder de Oliveria I laughed pretty hard. Mostly because the other day I was looking at my map and I found Santa Maria, California. I told myself I was going to visit there after my mission...just to take a picture.

Elder Correa and Elder de Oliveria are in our area here in Gillette. Elder Correa was born in Mexico, speaks Spanish and is from Santa Maria, California. Elder de Oliveria is from Boston but was born in Brazil and speaks Portuguese. They were at our house for dinner on Sunday and they were arguing about which language is better Portuguese or Spanish.

So about the package. The ward sent a bunch of stuff...floss...toothpaste...Cheetos (Brazilians thank the ward) stuff like that.

Thanks for the will help a lot.

I sent him an article from Elder Jay E. Jensen "Have I Received an Answer From the Spirit"
Ensign April 1989

This week was really my mind is blanking on what to write. Carla and Gaspar are doing good. This week we had 72 in Sacrament Meeting, it was really good.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! I completely forgot until the 29th when I looked in my planner and said, "It's my Moms birthday!" yeah...sorry about that... I would have wrote last week but I didn't remember.

My first year is coming to a close here shortly and there are times that I don't think I can go's kinda weird...other times it seems that it's gone so fast.

Anyway...sorry it's really short this week...but my mind seriously got fried with the sun this week. The sun is extremely hot!

tchau Amo Vocs

Elder Jed Breinholt