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Monday, November 17, 2008

I am so sorry everyone...

Last week was crazy! There seriously was no time to do anything. We were in Santa Maria and weren’t close to an internet place.

Today was transfers. I will be getting a new companion here in Sao Pedro. I can’t tell you his name because Pres. Myhrra doesn’t even know who it will be yet. Tomorrow the new missionaries will arrive and Wednesday morning I will short...I will be training a new missionary.

I have paused lately to reflect on how fast the mission is going by! 8 months! I was looking at my pictures of me and Elder Cordeiro...and it’s hard to believe that I will be in his position training a new missionary. At least he will be a Brazilian that will know Portuguese. Elder Abreu will be going to Sao Gabriel...the other area...not the one where I was! But he’ll know a lot of people I knew. So that’s pretty cool.

I have some pictures to send... One is of me and Elder Santana...eating pancakes. The other is of our zone soccer team...we won by-the-way. The back of my shirt says Breinholtch...tch is like dude here in the south of Brazil!

The work is good I guess. My teaching pool has gone to zero really fast. But with this excited greenie we will fill it back BAPTIZE!!!

I didn’t get my shoes yet...hopefully tomorrow...I really need them!

I know it’s not a very long e-mail but Elder Abreu needs to say goodbye to some people.

I love you all and will have lots to write about next week

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Lynn said...

I am so excited. I decided to check and see if Elder Breinholt was still in the same district as my son, since they just had transfers, and as I looked through his latest entry I was surprised to see the picture of the zone soccer team - and there was my son. He's the American at the end in the back. He had wanted to get some pictures from soccer, but hadn't yet. Thanks for posting the picture, and congratulations to the champions- your missionary and mine!
Lynn Lee