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Monday, June 2, 2008

Curitiba Brazil Temple Dedication

The dedication of the Curitiba Temple was yesterday, was really good understood almost all...there was a talk given by one of the area presidency...he talked about problems of the it being too far away...and two...too close...let me explain...when you have a temple really think to yourself "i can go anyday" and you don´t...he talked about making a go to the temple...put it in your is a blessing...btw...his entire talk was in portuguese but i understood all of it :)

Are you getting your daily dose of bifitus regularus? nope...sorry (That question was from Abi)
How are things going? so good....this week has been filled with so many spiritual experences(why yes i do know it is spelled wrong, i forgot my own language!)

How is the investigator pool right now? a whole lot better... we have found a family of a mother and spiritual...i feel they will be baptized...

What did you get at Zone Conference? got my 2 mission ties packages...letters from grandma/julie. grampa. elder eck and elder vanmeetern...and one from elder gardner from the mtc...already has 8 baptisims...yup...but this next sunday is transfers...basically here is what happens...everyone who is getting transferred converges on santa maria...gets letters and such...and i will get all my letters that were sent to the mtc...and will be good...

The language is doing better...the church is true...even here in the wyoming of brazil...but i have to go week maybe pictures...and i will write more about the temple dedication...pres. monson and elder nelson gave great talks (in english with interpreters) that were just awesome about the temple...oh yeah...turns out the music rule in the south dakota rapid city mission is now here...yep...i´m glad i have all that church material!!!!!
But love you all tons...


Amy said...

What a cool experience!
And did I read that right..Grandpa wrote him a letter? wow. I'm shocked.

Lynn said...

I came across this blog and it has been fun reading since my son will be leaving for the Brazil Santa Maria Mission in 2 weeks. I hope you don't mind that we have read it. It has been very uplifting and exciting for our son to see. Can you tell us what the music rule is that Elder Breinholt spoke about?

Lynn Lee