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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Your horticulture lesson for the week

"Wow this week has shot´s been conference is Alegrete...2 hour bus ride!...YAY! and i did it twice already this week...about that...went on exchanges with the líderes de zona this i said the zone is in it was a big long drive...worked there with elder andre...elder oliveria was here with elder cordeiro...anyway...was good...talked with american elders for the first time in like a month...that was good...everybody thinks i´m doing really well with the language...i guess...the brazillian comp is doing good... I will answer questions from dad:
How many members are active in your branch? 50 or 60
How many MP holders? 7 or 8 Have you spoken in church yet? no but its coming... i know it is Are the members helpful with referrals? mais ou menos(portuguese for so-so)...GIVE THE MISSIONARIES REFERRALS!!!! all of you out there in blog home...share the gospel!
What time does it get light in the morning now and what time does it get dark at night? light at about 8:30 dark at 6
Are you still getting a lot of rain? not much
Is it getting colder? its really wierd...because monday-thursday was super hot....but now its fresca(portuguese for chilly) again...wierd
oh funny story...ate maracuja(passion fruit) and caqui (i don´t even know...looks like a tomato...but is not) for the first time this week...BOTH EXCELLENT!...and i know where cashews come from...a fruit...of the same name...tasted the juice...not very good...the fruit i don´t know...we´ll see
The nut/seed is on the bottom has a shell/covering that
has the properites of poison ivy!


Working hard and loving it...your favorite missionary in brazil...

ELDER JED BREINHOLT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The Colton Family said...

You know you've got an Elder on a mission in Brazil when his letter home includes a discussion on different fruit juices (BTW - you learn to love them all) and a reminder to give the home ward missionaries lots of referrals!

Dani said...

Wow! It sounds like he's doing amazing. Hopefully he will write me soon. I'd love to hear from him. But thanks for keeping up the blog. You're the best.