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Monday, July 7, 2008


I thought I'd post a picture of the chain that we have hanging on the bookshelf in the office for Jed's first year out. One link for each week. We decided that we'd do something different next year. 33 weeks to go this year and 85 weeks overall. However, I like the sound of 19 months 2 weeks that is on the ticker at the bottom of the blog.

This week has been quite emotional here in Gillette. One of Jed's best friends, Ryan, his little sister, Ali who is Abi's age, was killed in a car accident last week. We are all still in shock and you can read Jeds reaction to the tragic news:

Hello family...
I really don´t know what to say...Ali´s death has kinda shaken me up this morning...she is the first person to die that I have known(i think) while on my mission...but in a community like Gillette...I know she won't be the last...but it´s Ryan´s sister!!!!! That is just crazy....

How great it is that we have great truths like the plan of salvation. I am so grateful to be out here sharing these great truths with the people of Brazil...but you guys at home have a great responsibility invite people to know about these learn that the heavens are open once again and that we have a Prophet on the earth that really speaks with our Heavenly Father...invite Rishi, Jon, Ryan(especially), Max, Kelsey, all of my freinds...not just you guys invite them, I INVITE learn that families really can be together for ever. this gospel is too great to be kept a the words of the scriptures...LET YOUR LIGHT SO SHINE...and what is our light? THE GOSPEL! It is our responsibility as members of The Church of Jesus share this. I would like to write my each of you... and I want you to print it out and give it to everyone... this is my testimony...

I know that our Savior lives. I know that he really suffered for our pains and imperfections. I know that our Hevenly Father loves us and that like a real father we can talk to him about anything through prayer. I know that families can be together forever through our Heavenly Fathers plan. I know that Joseph Smith really did see God the Father and Jesus Christ. I know that through him we do have Jesus Christ´s church. It´s not just a title or the name of the church, it really is led and guided by him, through Prophets today. The heavens are open once again. I know this to be true. I invite you as a representative of Jesus Christ to learn about this gospel that I hold so dear in my heart. This is the reason I am here in Brazil to share this gospel with others and I would like to share it with you. Take my invitation as a freind. This I sincerely write to you. With every fiber of my being I know it is true.
Talk to my family to find out more.
Your Friend,

ok. you can attach a picture to that...i really want you to do this for me...i was such a slacker with sharing the gospel at home...but know i realize the importance of sharing the gospel...don´t keep your light under a bushell... in the words of Paul: I am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ
ok now that that is off my chest...i will answer some questions.

How are you and Elder Silva getting along? super
Working hard? of course
Hows the weather? this week has been warm...
How is the English Class coming? good. Teaching some people because of it
Sacrament Meeting attendance any better? were working on it

Angela...thank you for the recipe...

THATS GREAT about dad loosing weight...maybe when i get back we can go rock climbing as father and son!...

I want you to look at one of the teaching styles we use here in the mission...Mosiah chapter 12:31-36...its where Abinadi is asking the priests about the law of moses...first he asks. then they respond. then he testifies...then he uses the scriptures and proceeds to teach the ten comandments...its awesome...

now a question for you...i kow its like a year and a half early but what is the talk about coming to pick me up? :) you guys would love it down here....seriously.

thats all for today...
will write and send pictures next week(with any luck)


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Peggy said...

What a beautiful testimony. Thanks for sharing it. Sorry to hear about the friend's death--how tragic. Mary did you receive the package with all the lesson material in it? Did you teach or postpone until you were feeling better?