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Monday, August 4, 2008


They had to go in the back room to find them but yes you can find
Hand Warmers in Wyoming in July!! Thanks Bishop Klamm & Wyoming Work Wearhouse!

First off...thanks for the it when we were on splits with the zone leaders this week...thanks for the hand warmers(using one today) This week has been crazy go nuts. We were on splits this week(like i said)which was really good...i always learn something i can do better when we are on exchanges...anyway... I've had some really good experiences this week...most of all on saturday and sunday when we had 2 PEOPLE BAPTIZED AND CONFIRMED! one was Anathan...the kid that i told you about last week about english class...and a 12 year old girl named Amanda...she is the niece of the primary that was good...i cant send pictures this week but i will next...i promise...i baptized Anathan...and only had to do it twice because i forgot to say amén just that...the water was really was good...and they were confirmed yesterday in sacrament meeting...which was also really good. It was really spiritual at church yesterday...i don´t know just was. we will be having a baptisim next week too...of the grandson of a less active member.
turns out i´m still in são gabriel with no end in sight...we´ll see i guess. but it has turned cold again...really least its not raining...i´ve listened to the Saturdays Warrior 3 times already...the other one is good too! thank you!
and now about some other things in my life:
We are going to be moving...either to an apartment that the mission already has or to a new apartment that we´re looking for...because elder rizato(of the missionary couple) was called as the branch president of the other branch...and our apartment is closer to his we will be switching...but the other apartment is a dungeon...doesn´t have sunlight at the humidity stays and so does the mold! were looking for another apartment that has more light...keep you informed. Tomorrow is zone conference...YES!!!!! i love zone conference. we will be taking a member with us to be set apart by pres. myrra in Alegrete...because its a district here and he´s got the keys to do it...and so he will be staying with us tomorrow night...MISSIONARY WORK ROCKS!!! it´s so exciting seeing him getting ready to go...and going through some of the same things i did. yay!
so thats my of the baptisim and some pampas next week...tchau all
p.s. abi e-mail me from your e-mail...i want to talk to you when you are away at the lege(as in college) and abi text my freinds and tell them about the blog!
this week has been really good for me!
peace out home slices!

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