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Monday, July 28, 2008

Good week for Elder Breinholt

hello family...this week has been really good...we started to deliver things for references this week...which turned out really good...have a few new families because of it...i can´t send pictures this week because the place we came today doesn't have a cd drive on the computers...but i burned all my pictures to a cd so i can send them a little more easily... so next week for sure...
i knew the package would get back to you...patience is where it's at... i do have one package here...i don´t know which one it is...about the english class that i started...we have since been teaching a young man from that class...a cousin of a member...and he will be baptized in 2 weeks...he´s really a golden investigator...everything we tell him to do he does...he stopped smoking in 3 days...and hasn´t looked back's funny...on sunday we were in gospel principles...with the rest of the branch(because the sunday school teacher couldn't come) and the teacher said..."where are the men of my branch?" (understand that we have 35 relief society members and 5 quorum members...) and he said to me...aren´t you a member of the i explained that i´m not really...and then i said to him and your not a member yet...he got really excited and just said...yet...he goes on visits with us alot all i can
well thats all for all have a good day and live the comandments...they bring blessings...

I mailed a package to Jed in May that he never got and Saturday the Postman delivered it back to me YEA!!! He only gets his packages and snail mail every transfer or Zone Conference. I've been trying to do better at sending him snail mail letters as well as my weekly e-mail so he always has something from home on those transfer/conference days.

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Amy said...

that's too bad about Jed not getting your package, but at least it came back to you.
Way to go with the golden investigator! One cool thing we had people that got baptized do was to have them write down their testimony & then a year later mail it to them. (not sure if that's feasible, but it was kind of cool - I thought)