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Monday, December 1, 2008

It's too hot!

Hey Family!

How are you all? This week has been extremely stressful for me. But it has been good. It’s extremely hot and humid here now! It kinda makes me mad! But its good. I’ll answer the questions and then continue a little bit.

How's Training going? It’s good. I have the most responsibility of my mission but it’s good. Work hard...lose myself and my the work.

New Companion adjusting well? Yeah...really tired a lot...that’s normal for the first few weeks.

Anyway...Christmas is my package for Christmas/Birthday...SWEET! Don’t worry I won’t open it...

How’s the missionary work going in Gillette?

I have an idea for the fam...every one carry a few pass-along-cards of Joy to the World with them and give them to people saying Merry Christmas! Just explain that the card has this 1-800 number that they can call and get a free dvd with Christmas music in it.

I can’t wait to talk to you all.

I need to find something to eat...I’m starving!

That’s all for today...




Ang said...

I love how he leaves us hanging at the end - "My life perspectives are changing"... I hope he elaborates next week :)

Amy said...

Ang, That's exactly what I was thinking LOL
And I also thought that was a great realization on his part - I think it happens to most missionaries, but especially elders (since they're younger).
And your next package to him should probably include some tim tams ;-)

Peggy said...

I agree...I want to know how his life perspectives have/are changed/changing
YUM---TIM TAMS!!! Jed would LOVE them for Christmas if it's not too hot to mail them. Love ya Mary, it was SO good to see you all.