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Monday, October 13, 2008

My Family

St. Peter
Read on...
Wow let´s talk about everybody telling me to write longer e-mails. Anyway so I got my package. Thank you Mom! Everything was what I wanted. The flag and the map especially. Elder Abreu says thanks. OK lets talk about callings in the mission. I´m a senior companion but that doesn´t mean I´m training. My companion is also a senior. He has more time in the mission than me but I am a senior companion as well.

I´m sorry that I haven't been explaining my weeks better. I´ll start right now with this week:

Monday-was P-day also transfer meeting. We met and the read the names and where everyone was going companions and such then we ate lunch with President, Sister and the rest of the staff at Sal y Pimenta...salt and pepper. It was good food. FUN FACT: nice restaurants are Buffets here!

Tuesday-Friday: Worked a ton. We tried to find lots of new investigators. Our teaching pool is kinda small...really small actually. It didn't go extremely well but we got a reference from another missionary in Santa Maria so we contacted them. It was a really good lesson...Elias and Loricelia, then we visited less-actives.

Saturday-Had English class, went really well...did some more teaching
Sunday-CHURCH, was an extremely hot day...had to have been 80 degrees with 70% humidity...too hot!!!!!

Today- Writing this e-mail in which I will talk about conference, things I need in my package, etc.

First off conference was great. We watched it in English because we had no investigators. We only watched the sessions on Sunday. Anyway I really liked Elder Ballards talk...MISSIONARY WORK ROCKS!!!! There were other good ones too...but i cant remember them all.

Tracy spent some time last night on Google Earth and looking at Jed's area.

DAD YOU FOUND SÃO PEDRO!!!! Yes it is the same city...tiny huh...and yep the roads do turn into dirt...dusty dusty dirt. It's funny the roads are mostly cobblestone and pavement is a blessing. Yes I do know about the dinosaur thing...crazy huh.

The statue on top of the catholic church is SAINT PETER!!! He´s holding the keys to the kingdom in his hands, no cross, just Peter! It's funny...because Portuguese was derived from Latin and Latin and Greek are similar you can see that Peter means Rock...because the Portuguese word for Peter is PEDRO and the Portuguese word for stone is PEDRA...interesting huh?

And now for Moms part:I have a few things to ask for...for Christmas or the like:
MY JANSPORT BACKPACK the big one not the school one...I've gone through 2 pairs of shoes and a backpack. I guess that’s what I get for buying a backpack for 20 bucks. Seriously it's all ripped and stuff...
A HYMN BOOK IN ENGLISH...pocket size preferably...
A COLLAPSABLE the one that I had that broke(you can pick one up at wal-mart or office depot I think)...seriously there are times I wish I had it...
Shoe Glue... if I need to fix my shoes...
About Fruit time you go to Costco...pick up the Kellogg’s fruit snacks...they´re my favorite :)
That’s great about Aunt Peggy... parabens!!!! (Congratulations!)

Everyone needs to read Jesus the's a book of great will help you understand the life of Jesus Christ a lot more! A whole lot more!

I hope this was a long enough e-mail for you all. It's hard to write a lot when my companion needs help with a computer. Anyway so I gotta go but I will send pictures (of me mom) next week.
btw...I cut my own hair last week (YIKES!)

tchau tchau um embraço
Elder Breinholt


Amy said...

woo hoo...loved the longer email :-)
I'm not sure what tri-pod Jed wants, but I love my joby gorillapod (I bought mine at REI, but I've also seen them on & obviously)

Ang said...

I Loved the longer email too!