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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

And the New Area is...SÃO PEDRO DO SUL!

I´m just going to say...flood the earth with the Book of Mormon.

Today marks the 6 month mark for Elder Breinholt. WOW! As you can tell from the title (which is the subject line of his e-mail) of this post that he has been transferred. Here is his e-mail from yesterday.

Transfers were today and yes I am getting transferred to like it says in the subject line São Pedro do Sul. It's a little town that lies 35km from Santa Maria. My new companion is Elder Abreau. I don´t know anything about him...only seen him a few times...but its cool. I'm excited to get to know a new place and a new companion. I have had some interesting experiences here in São Gabriel and ate some interesting things...tripe included(it´s not as bad as you would think...)

So the Abister is going to big bad college is she? That's pretty cool I guess. Someone should ask her why she hasn´t e-mailed her big brother in Brazil yet...she can e-mail me from her e-mail address...she really can!

I really don´t have anything big to write about this week besides transfers. I am going to leave early in the morning, well not really early like 9. Then in the bus station in Santa Maria meet Elder Abreau and leave for São Pedro. The bus ride is really short maybe a half an hour. We will be the only Missionaries in the city it's really small only 16,000 people so the area is small. They tell me that the branch attendance is 13 to 20 people...GREAT!!! For district meeting we will travel to Santa Maria. So it turns out I´m going to the Newcastle of this mission...YAY!!!
Some good news Sister Myrrha didn´t come to inspect our house...good news...thumbs up!
So that's all I have to talk about this week...will have a ton to write next week!...btw...I am now a senior companion.
Love you all!

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