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Monday, October 6, 2008

Mate...doesn't look so good to me

Sorry about last week everyone...but we didn't get home from Santa Maria until 9...funny story about that...I´ll write it in my journal and you can ask me what happened when i get home...uhhh! No now would be good!

Paintballing was fun...i think that when i go home i´ll play it in missionary clothes... i´ll answer some questions and then continue...
Questions from his Dad
Jed, how are you feeling about the missionary work, your companion, and the Brazilian people? good...missionary work is great.. Is this area more of a struggle than your last area? about the same. Are the people different (more receptive or less so)? different is what i would call them...small town... Do you speak every week in your branch sacrament meeting? Or teach lessons each week (maybe Gospel Essentials)? Do you basically have to do it all on Sunday? no, no and no.
On my mission, we had to write to the mission president every week. Do you have to do this too? yes...but its e-mail now!!!
What kinds of things do you do on typical P-day? use haven´t gone to santa maria alot this transfer
I only have one question...
When we were in Hawaii Tommy said his mission president would not let them drink Mate because it has so much caffeine in it. I told him your Mission President was Brazilian and he said that would be why you are allowed to drink it. Just enlighten me on it. Is there a difference between Mate and Coffee? YES THERE IS!!!! i will send you a picture...and theres not a ton of caffiene in it...and it´s delicious!!!!
so this week was good...went to the farm again...send you a few pictures of that...its funny...i´ve been using the panoramic feature on my camera alot more here in são pedro... i´ll send you one...
today was transfers...nothing is changing in são pedro...
i started writing letters to people....again...ive been a slaker
but anyway...i dont have alot to say
talk to you all next week
love you all
elder jed breinholt
ps...package is great...
As you can see I didn't do a lot of editing on this e-mail have fun reading it.

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Here's more about mate.