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Monday, September 22, 2008

Hello Parents on a Cruise!

This is from last week 9/15/08 while we were in Hawaii (It was amazing)

Hello parents on a cruise...
I´m doing great. Today I was going to buy clothing of the gaucho!
I hope I can send this e-mail. I couldn't send to Abi. Weird. Read some of my earlier e-mails and list in your next e-mail all that I said that i need...because I can't remember. I don't really have anything big to report about my week this week. Yesterday we went to the outside 20 km outside of São Pedro to the farm of a member (I know the grammar is wrong...but it's right in portuguese) But there was only one problem the batteries in my camera died so I didn't get any pictures to send...but I will...we will go back there soon. It's really beautiful...serene...I want to live in the wilderness...maybe when I'm rich I will buy some land here in São Pedro...yeah...that would be good.
But anyway here is a fun agricultural this region the main "cash crop" is litereally the "cash crop"...tabacco. João(the member) told us that he and only a few other of his neighbors don´t grow tabbacy that was interesting. Milked a cow Elder abreu had a really hard time getting started. It was good to be on the farm I don´t know why I feel like that but it was good.
Nothing extremely new besides the buying of gaucho clothes. Onthe 20th there will be a holiday...something to do with the state or gauchos or something...and everybody dresses up in gaucho clothes. There is a parade...pretty sweet. So I have to buy bombichas...pants... and also Im buying some sapatinhos...or shoes...I haven't brought myself to buy boots yet maybe next year. I don't want to lug around boots...but the shoes I can do. All in all it will cost me 65 real (BRL) about 30 bucks because the dollar is really high again! Let's hope it keeps climbing!
So hows the elections doing? I see some things on the tv..that John McCain and Barack Obama are the candidates but that's all I know. Brazillians are for Barack Obama...weird huh???
It's political season in Brazil as well...this year is city officials. So everywhere there are people with flags, passing out little flyers with the picture of the candidate and his number for the electronic voting machine. Cars with speakers on top blasting campaign music. Right now there is a rally in the park...under the water tower...yes there is a water tower in the middle of the central park... I´ll take a picture of it and send it to you...
Well I really don't have anything else to say. I hope you all get this... thats all...
love you guys!!!

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