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Monday, September 8, 2008

From the Son that is ours...

Sao Pedro, R.S.
35km north of Santa Maria

City Hall in Sao Gabriel

To the family that is mine...
This week has been really good. I have only 1 picture to send of São Pedro so far. I'd liken the hills in and around Santa Maria to the Black Hills in South Dakota with a few higher peaks. This is a continuation of those. It's really quite beautiful here what with all the flora. I will also send you a picture of the Prefitura(city hall) of São Gabriel and I will answer some questions. I wrote alot to Abi...had to get the randoms out...but i will try to write alot

What is required to be sanctified? We read in the end of Acts that Paul sanctified himself and was inside the temple when the ruling Jewish class came to get him to take him before the Romans. But really it's a putting off of all worldly things. Temples are sanctified because in them are preformed ordinances of heaven. So I think that for sanctification there needs to be a righteous desire to put off the things of the world for something better...eternal life. I have a question for you: WHY IS THE BOOK JESUS THE CHRIST SO GOOD??? Seriously I think it's the best book I've ever read.

1. How are your clothes? Shoes & Shirts? fine...if you do want to send me some shoes...send me some eccos...or dc martins....thick soles are very good for the mission.
2. I'm sending you a package at the end of September anything specific you want in it? fruit snacks...and 2 maps of the United States....chocolate orange..and maple extract...other candy from the USA.
3. How's the companion? good.
I'll write to certain people...
Hi Grandma...
This is just a short note to tell you how much I love you. And to thank you for being the Grandma next door of my childhood. The Grandma with fruit trees that we could climb eat...the Grandma that loved to garden and taught us to love plants too. Thank you for the games...twink(it definately helped me with adding)...battle ship...racko...all the games you loved to play with us. Thank you for your testimony and your love for this gospel...your example...thank you!
For Grandpa:
Grandpa...just a quick note to tell you how I am. I am doing great! Mom has been sending you my e-mails so you can read about my experiences, but I would just like to say thank you for all that you have done for me through out my life. Being the Grandpa that showed us the value of hard work. For always being there for us. For showing us your love for the gospel and service in the church. Thank you for everything and I love you!
Aunt Peggy:
Hi Aunt Peggy. You definately have been reading my blog, I know! Mom told me about your health trouble. That's bad luck...but I have faith that everything will go fine. Thank you for all that you and your family has done for mine. Setting an example of missionary service and activity in the church. Really for everything...for your really good chicken salad...REALLY GOOD CHICKEN SALAD! The great family parties we have at your house! Everything is better with Aunt Peggy´s Costco bargains!!!! Really thank you for your testimony. I love you and your family.

Anyway...turns out that when I come home I will eat conjica(look it up...delicious!!!)and pão de queijo! cheese bread...delicious as well...i think i will go get some now!!!
I love you all and think of you every day...
Elder Jed Breinholt
btw...elder eck told me to tell you guys to write him in his letter that I just read at Mcdonalds...(was delicious btw! I am not ashamed to say that Mcdonalds was delicious...)and i will talk to you all next week!!!
pão de queijo! cheese bread

“conjica”, a pudding made with hominy and sugar, topped with cinnamon


Amy said...

I think I've eaten that cheese bread before & it is really good.

That pic of Sao Pedro is beautiful!

Thanks for keeping us updated :-)

Lynn said...

Hi, My son is serving in Santa Marta which is an area to the outside of Santa Maria. He told me in his email that he met "the guy from "A Mile in my black Rockports". He said it was funny. I'm sure he enjoyed it, since he would check out the blog before he left in June so he could learn a little more about the mission. Elder Lee is my son and I'm so glad he met Elder Breinholt. By the way we loved the picture of him with the gaucho.
Sister Lynn Lee