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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hey Fam...

Happy P-day... Or Pumpkin day....

OK…So here's the DL. My P-day switched back to Saturday because we work Monday, Wednesday and Friday in the office. That means that we have P-day Saturdays but it’s alright.

This week has been alright. We went to an English school. That was good and we got to share the gospel with a lot of college kids, which was good. College kids generally have minds open to new ideas.

Anyway...we have had a lot of fun this week. Elder Hill and I are getting along swell. Elder Hill is speaking the language better and better every day. It’s a blast having an American companion. It’s great that I know after the mission I can see him.

I'm praying for you all every day. Especially about the trip so help me understand about this visa thing. Have you always had to go appear before the consulate?

By the way it’s super hot today, seriously sweltering heat that can fry a cat.
But life is good...working hard trying to go strong until the end.

I love you all...and thanks for the family news.

BYU-I with the Eckers... SWEET!!!!! That’s gonna be bad to the bone...


See you all next week.

With Love,

Your son in sweltering Brazilian weather
Elder Jed Breinholt

p.s. yes I do know Elder Griffin he’s cool.

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