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Monday, October 26, 2009

Saturday p-day

Hello Family,

I guess you guys forgot about my Saturday p-day... (uhh...well no we didn't you told us it changed back to Monday!) That's alright. I'm sorry my e-mails have been so short lately, it's been real hectic and the internet just hasn't been doing what I want it to.

This week was kinda hard. We knocked a whole lot of doors and didn't have much success. I talked to President and he said we should try other we are.

We went to some English schools to volunteer, which went really good. We will be starting to go there on Tuesdays. Should be fun and we should get some new investigators that way.

Things are going good. Elder Hill is the man! No, but seriously he's a really cool kid.

My life is super full. Working 3 days a week in the office and the other two finding new investigators. It's fun!

My mission is coming to an end and I can feel myself fighting against just giving up. But I'm praying and working and feeling happy. I really love my life as a missionary. I'm trying to be more and more obedient everyday.

I know its short. Things are great!

I would like some egg thing that I really miss. Send chocolate chips too. I would like to make chocolate chip pancakes. (I found some mix that you just add to milk for egg nog. I hope he'll like it.)

I love you all and would like to wish you all a Happy Halloween, because next p-day is Halloween. Don't forget to write or I'lll be sad.

Love you all

Elder Jed Breinholt


Peggy said...

Your little boy is grown up!

Anonymous said...

This is a missionary mom. Where did find the powder eggnog mix? My missionary love eggnog at Christmas time. Heidi

Mom of Elder Breinholt said...

I found it online. It's made by Aspen Mulling Company. They sell it through World Pantry but I couldn't get it to come up on there site. It had to search Aspen Mulling Company then go to "egg nog" in the bar on the left. Good Luck! Where is your missionary serving?