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Monday, September 7, 2009

-The Office-(insert theme song here)

Dear Family,

Turns is a holiday here too! But not Labor Day...that’s in May!

But it happens to be the 7th of September...that’s Independence Day for Brazil! It’s a lot more toned down than the 4th of July in the United States. Usually there’s just a parade of the military...but not really anything super special. The thing that everyone is excited here lately about was Brazil winning over Argentina in the eliminations for the World Cup, 3 to 1. Everybody was really stoked. Today it was just an excuse for people to drink and not open businesses. It was super hard to find an internet cafe. But we finally found one. OK now a little bit about the office...

Technically right now I'm not a secretary, more of an assistant secretary. Usually we work in the office 2 times a week. This week I think that will change, you see my companion is sick and so he's trying to recover. It’s not going that well, so he'll most likely be going home this week. That will put me in a threesome with the secretaries and I’ll be working there every day. If my p-day changes to Saturday I’ll let you know! I’m really sad for Elder Bruno. He's a super good missionary that’s not being able to work well.

This branch (turning into a ward) is the best unit of the church I’ve been in since I got on the mission. It reminds me of our ward at home. There are a lot of really good leaders here, former Stake Presidents & even the 2nd counselor in the Mission Presidency is in our branch. I really like it and I learned a lot on Sunday.

Next Sunday is Stake Conference here too. It turns out that next Sunday I’ll catch my first Stake Conference since I got on the mission. Always during transfers I got transferred to places that had already had it. So it should be fun.

I like being in the city. Knocking doors is super hard here but we’re planning a lot of really good activities. By the way Dad: How do I do that Life know the one we did in Layton with the 3 kingdoms...send me instructions...ideas etc.

The food is good like always. I guess I’m used to Brazilian cuisine. I want to see what it'll be like when I get home. I liked the last package. I liked the letter and liked the super long ties. For the first time, since I was 15 I think, I have to watch the length of the skinny end...they’re super long!

The apartment isn’t all that great. But we'll be moving soon I hope...were looking.

We had a baptism Saturday of a young man the other elders were working with. We really don’t know anyone, not even the members that well, with my companion being sick and all. But things will get better.

And now I’ll talk to you about you guys coming to pick me up. I didn’t know that the handbook said that. The thing about it is, I really wanted you guys to see what I’m seeing and experience what I’m experiencing in this beautiful country here in the mission. Pres. Myrrha doesn't have any problem with parents to come and pick us up. But I can talk to him Wednesday. For me, I want you guys to meet these marvelous people I’ve met. But I understand the logic.

So that’s my life right now...trying ever more to be obedient...and loving and relishing every minute of my mission!!!!

Love you all!

It’s raining & hailing super hard... I’m scared to go outside.

I'll talk to you all next week...
Elder Jed Breinholt

Elder Bruno eating my cheeseburger cd case

Me and Rodrigo a member from another ward that makes a killer Brazilian burger.


Peggy said...

Great email!!! We had fun with Abi and her roommate at the cabin...can't wait to see you and Lis next week! Loveyou, Peg

The College Life said...
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Dani said...

I love his shirt. :)