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Monday, August 31, 2009


Dear Family...

So transfers came and I happen to be moving areas, and companions. My new companion is Elder Bruno...and I'm going to the office. I really don't know why, it came as a shock to me, but it's gonna be good I'm really excited.

This week we had a lot of success finding families. It was good...but now I'm leaving that area. Illogical...but's inspiration.

Turns out everybody is getting too old at home...and should stop growing up! This is in response to Annie starting High School and Ben starting Jr. High tomorrow!

But I don't have a lot of time today...I need to pack...and write President.

But I love you all,
Elder Jed Breinholt


Peggy said...

Can ya believe he'll be home in less than 6 months! AND Ben started jr. high...I was there when he was born!!! No fair, everyone's getting older... especially me!

llee said...

I guess Elder Lee will get to see him tomorrow. He is going to Santa Maria to pick up his new companion. He will be training a new missionary. He thinks it will be an American because they have 18 new missionaries coming in and 16 of them are American. That is what President Myrrha told Matt. I just had to spend some time emailing an Elder in the mission office because of a problem with a package we sent Matt. We got charged 150 dollars import tax for some shirts, garments, and a few snacks and toiletries. It makes me so frustrated. But if Elder Brienholt had been in the office last week, I could have talked to him...dang.