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Monday, April 20, 2009


Dear Family... that I love so much...

Today I am writing you all from Santa Maria.

I had to renew my visa, so I had to come here just for today. Speaking of that, last night at 11:00 pm we left Quarai and we got here at 4:00 am. So I’m pretty tired, if this e-mail doesn’t make a lot of sense you’ll know why. What’s worse is that we have to leave 7:30pm tonight to get their 1:15 am tomorrow, super tiring!

I got the package everything was great thanks.

Because I’m in Santa Maria it will be a little short. Transfers are next week, so the next e-mail you get will tell you all where I’m going...or staying.

Things with the companion are this: like I said in another e-mail...he gets really I have to calm him down...but things are good and will always get better.

So that’s my life! This week was good with zone conference and all. You know the times they are a changin’! And it’s getting better all the time!

Anyway it’s kinda short but I’ll have more news next week!

Love you all

Elder Jed Breinholt

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Peggy said...

Poor kid...what terrible traveling times; no wonder he's tired.