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Monday, January 18, 2010

você está Trunkie?!?!?!? (Are You Trunkie?)

Well it appears that the head wound required a few stitches, his first ever!
Also about my head... remember how I hit it...well just look at the attached picture. I'm fine but let's just say that recently it has not been an awesome thing for me.
Wow what a rush...

OK so this week has been ok... just a few experiences...

Monday to Tuesday Ipuked my guts out. I got food poisoning for the first time in my life, in the mission, but I'm totally better now!!!

About the work. Let's just say its going slow.

This week we had a pretty good experience. The testimony of an investigator is gold. We had a lady, Rosi, that we were teaching the Restoration to and at the end we invited her to pray. She said, "I don't need to pray I already know what your saying is true." It was probably the best experience of the week.

It's been a really cool experience coming back to one of the same areas where I already passed. Because you go back to old investigators houses. We were doing that with a family I taught here, a lady named Katrina and her son Mateus, it's going good.

The other photo is all the kids from Davis County in the mission... DCC Davis County Crew!
Elder Taylor: Sunset
Elder Ball: Kaysville
Elder Breinholt: Layton
Elder Buttersworth: Kaysville


Elder Swingle is good... having trouble with the language but we'll get him.

Only four 3 More E-mails...

You All Trunkie?

But love you all and I want you to know I'm praying for you!


Elder Jed Breinholt

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Peggy said...

Great picture of the Davis Co. missionaries. Sorry he had food poisoning...UGH! Unbelievable that he'll be home in less than a month. Thanks for the delicious chocolates...and hunk of choc. with the"P" on it! Love you!