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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Vinyl Discs make great Birthday Presents

Hey Fam,

This week has been a lot of work in the office. This is why... I have yet again done President and Sister Myrrha’s Christmas card, and I decided that I really like Photoshop. I think I already told you guys in my last e-mail but seriously I really like it. I’m totally thinking about being one of those graphic designers. I could just sit and use it all day.

But about the title, so I decided that I wanted some Brazilian records for my birthday. So I went and bought some, and decided that records are totally cooler than cds.

I really don’t know why I titled my last one “goose muffins”, when you said that I really didn’t know what you were talking about so I went to my sent file and sure enough I put that, whatever.

Elder Wilson and I will be staying in the office until the end of the transfer so that makes me happy. We were going to get out but the new church computers came in and that means transferring data from one to the other...woot! It is kinda frustrating but fun.

But my life is good, trying to do the work, and stop thinking about home... but yeah... 2 months.

So I’ve coped with the fact that you guys won’t be coming. Seeing as though nobodies coming, not missionaries, not nobody not no how! (Trivia: what’s that line from?) (I think this warrants a contest! The first two readers to post the correct answer will get a prize! And yes Angela, now it has cooled down I can send you yours. I've been waiting for Christmas when I make my homemade stuff. It will be on it's way soon!)

But all and all my life is good. I really got to send you guys pictures.

Talk to you all here in 2 weeks.

So that’s my life as the mission graphic designer.

Elder Jed Breinholt


Ang said...

I'll let someone else win for once. I totally know the answer, but I'm not going to say :) Can't WAIT for the treats Mary!!!

Amy said...

wow, I'm way behind on my blog reading & very surprised that days after you posted this, I'm the only one to answer (besides my brilliant & beautiful sister)
...Wizard of OZ (nobody gets in to see the wizard.."not nobody not no how"). ...although I may be disqualified since you already posted on my blog that you were sending me chocolate.

Mom of Elder Breinholt said...

Yea! You two win! Since either no one else knew or you two are the only ones still reading the blog you both win! I was on when Jed's e-mail came through last Saturday and I quickly sent him a "I'm here" and I got a "Hi Mommy!" I sent right back "Is it the Wizard of Oz?" The answer of course was "YEP"! So I'm making caramel tonight...dipping it this weekend...sending some to you from your favorite Aunt probably on Monday! I love you both!