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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mom & Pop

Dear Fam...

It's getting really cold here, my joints hurt. This week has been pretty good.

It seems I have hit a pleateu in my quest for betterment as a missionary. That's been the biggest struggle this week, trying to be better and not progressing as fast as i have been. But I'm trying...and praying.

It's been good. We're having really good luck getting the youth of the branch more excited about missionary work, and living their standards.

I've been excited for Dad and his new calling, has he called counselors yet? I'm praying for him.

Anyway I know it's short...but i love you all and hope that you're all good.

Love you all,

Elder Jed Breinholt


llee said...

Love the picture. Is Jed Tracking or tracting? Sounds like he is doing good in his branch.

Matt loves Livramento. His apartment has big windows and he took a picture of the street in front of his apartment that divides Uruguay and Brazil. I posted it on his website.


Mom of Elder Breinholt said...

Loved your comment about tracking/tracting I'd thought of that too. Funny! I decided to change the caption. I'm so glad Matt loves Livramento. The sky is so blue in the picture he took. Wow! Thanks Lynn!